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Abbas: Israel building ferociously in Jerusalem,7340,L-3980054,00.html


Jewish settlers annex Palestinian land south of Nablus


Conned by Democracy: The Middle East’s Stagnant ‘Change’


My Hummus Tastes Like Apartheid


Murdoch’s Imaginary War


Palestinians to give US peace effort more time,7340,L-3980035,00.html


Interview: Budrus “built a model of civil resistance”


Clinton: US working non-stop to advance talks


Mubarak worried about Middle East, Egyptian official says


UK signs new coproduction treaties with Israel, Palestine


The prospects of a just peace in Palestine


avinunu: RT @intifada: Boycott victory: Africa Israel suspends settlement construction


Education is Palestinian’s path to independence


Hague to Israel: UK will repeal war crimes law,7340,L-3979994,00.html


Gaza on Canvas With Mohammed Al-Hawajri


The Arabs and the Holocaust – the Arab Israeli war of narratives: Gilbert Achcar, Amira Hass, Rashid Khalidi


Vatican envoy at UN reaffirms 2-state solution to Israel-Palestine conflict


avinunu: First they called me “KKK,” now NM Hillel director says my visit places Jewish students “under siege.”


Agreement: Settlers to seal El Matan synagogue,7340,L-3979945,00.html


Why do UNM Zionists want to “protect” Jewish students from a message of equality, justice and peace?


Window of opportunity for two-state solution closing, Hague warns Israel


Hezbollah: UN, a tool in Israeli hands


No compromise on colonisation in Palestine


Violent Soldier Receives Lax Sentence


Courts to hear 1st case on settlement goods


Israeli army denies hinting at US clearance over Gaza assassination


Israel’s Military Says Gaza Attack Was Coordinated With The White House


Israeli army chief’s letter on military conduct to be read to every soldier


Britain And The Increasing Nonviolent Resistance


Israel ambushes UK’s Hague over arrest warrants


IDF detains kids for olive picking,7340,L-3979787,00.html


In major boycott movement success, Africa Israel says no plans to build more settlements


Israel orders Bethlehem quarry closed


IOF kidnap two brothers of prisoner in PA jails in Al-Khalil


Jewish settlers annex Palestinian land south of Nablus


Israel Refuses To Allow Former Palestinian PM To Use Allenby Bridge


IOA detains Palestinian recently released after serving 25-year sentence


Israel razes two Palestinian homes in Ara


PA: IOA punishing our leaders,7340,L-3979698,00.html


Russia Offers US Dlrs.10 Mn to Palestinians


Julie “Sabbath Goy” Burchill: Zionist serpent in our midst


Israel Reject’s UNESCOs Decisions on Shrines


Egypt shuts down tunnels along Gaza border


28 detained in PA arrest campaign


Israeli army raids Hebron and Bethlehem, detains many,-detains-many.html


No Comment: Soldiers And Settlers Abuse A Palestinian Child


UK foreign minister handed letter from Jerusalemite officials facing exile


Hamas, Fatah to meet in Damascus to discuss reform of security apparatuses


Britain Caves To Israeli Pressure; Agrees To Revoke ‘universal Jurisdiction’ Law


BDS Week Of Action Planned In Cambridge, UK


Deputy Mayor Fired for Racist Policies


Egyptian authorities denied 17 Viva Palestina convoy activists to enter Gaza


Clinton o meet with Netanyahu Next Week


Crosby peace man Mark Holt delivers aid for Palestinians in Gaza


Abu Arafa: IOA linking Jerusalemite deputies issue to the exchange deal



Gaza pilgrims continue moving without problems


Palestinian Officials Are Not Allowed To Use Jordan Crossing


Dweik: Balfour Declaration oppressed our people


IOF declares responsibility for killing Namnam, raids central Gaza


Israel to discuss loyalty oath bill Sunday


Palestine: Israeli army detains four brothers in Tulkarem


Army Hints Gaza Assassination Was Approved By Washington


Gaza Poet Prevented From Travelling To Abu Dhabi


Army Kidnaps Eight Palestinians In The West Bank


Turkish diplomat renews call for Israel apology




Gaza man killed in fire


UAE envoy to Jordan visits Palestine, meets officials


Army Invades Central Gaza


Sweden: Arrest Mofaz for war crimes


Al Qassam Brigades mourn Tarek As-Shinawi





Israeli Army Seizes Eight Palestinians Including 4 Brothers in Raid


Courts to hear 1st case on settlement goods


Israeli army claims responsibility for Gaza assassination


Advancing solidarity with Gaza


Israeli Education Minister Proposes a “New Code of Ethics” to Encourage Zionism


Israeli Settlers’ Terror


3 Arrested Protesting Expansion of Settlement in Jiftlik, the Jordan Valley


UNRWA New York Director apologises and retracts comments on right of return


`Israel won`t get away with treatment of Palestinians`


2010 Palestine Fair – Saturday


Jewish groups raise concern over Rutgers student fundraiser for Gaza flotilla


The Protesting Voices of Palestine


avinunu: Israel carries out extrajudicial execution in occupied Gaza Strip with Obama consent – Haaretz


freegazaorg: Colussus: the giant Gazan prison -Al Jazeera English Gaza “the giant open prison” –David Cameron, British PM


UK and Palestine sign first ‘treaty between nations’


Israel suspends UNESCO ties over West Bank holy site


Israeli court sentences Gaza man


Israel blocks Qureia’s entry to Jordan,7340,L-3979450,00.html


Israeli Attack Rocks Gaza


Palestine-Israel, Just another week of joint struggles of the AAtW + wider Israeli radicals’ circle



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