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Palestinians will shun talks without freeze


UK official: Gaza situation is unbearable


Israeli occupation stops dozens of pilgrims from leaving for Makka


Occupation authorities sell

Palestinian property in Silwan to Jewish societies


Hundereds of worshipers pray Jumaa at the Bustan sit-in tent and the Red Cross


Israeli Settlers Publish Insults Dictionary


The real choice Turkey has to make when it comes to Israel


Hundreds Gather at Bethlehem Vigil for Iraqi Church Massacre


Debating Israel-Palestine III, Ctd


Bethlehem holds vigil for Baghdad church victims


Report: Police seize explosives in Jerusalem


Al-Masri arrives in Gaza


Gaza women don’t shy away from battle


US: Middle East peace will remain priority for Obama


Abbas: Iran is holding up peace talks


Plea deal “only option” for political prisoner Ameer Makhoul


Meshaal calls for more pressure to be put on Israel


Livni slams Netanyahu settlement policy


Israel allows machine guns into Gaza to protect UN aid chief


German FM Visits Gaza Monday


Fires in West Bank destroy 300 olive trees


Hebron woman commits suicide


PLO official criticizes one-state solution


Israel freezes relations with UNESCO


Israeli fast train to run through West Bank


Israel/Palestine and Iran Are Not Linked And Should Not Be Linked (II)


Israel should withdraw to 1967 borders: Saudi royal


Norman Finkelstein: Israel and Palestine: Past, Present, Future, part one


Villages across West Bank hold anti-wall rallies


Anger over Ship to Gaza Swedes’ return to Israel


Three Injured at an-Nabi Saleh Anti-Wall Protest


Sheikh Salah to goes on trial Wednesday


Time-traveling University of New Mexico volunteer faculty member reviews the lecture I haven’t given yet


Elderly woman found dead in Jerusalem


‘Israeli settlements obstacle to peace’


Tear Gas to Silence the Protests in Bil’in and Ni’lin


Cherie Blair defends Muslim women after half-sister turns to Islam


Colossus: the giant Gazan prison


UN will be judged on whether it upholds Palestinian rights


Palestine – Attack at Gaza during picknick


PLO Official Accuses Israel of Election Interference


Masked protesters at Careers Fair


Israeli Army Uses Tear Gas During The Anti Wall Protest In al-Ma’sara


$10,000 stolen from Hebron home


Israel issues Jerusalem resident 6 month travel ban


Islamist Students Boycott Najah University Election





Erekat Say: USA Would Reply Soon Concerning Settlement Building


Three Injured By Israeli Gunfire at al-Nabi Saleh Anti-wall Protest


Al-Ma’sara Protest Suppressed, Protestors Tear Down Section in al-Walajeh


Report: West Bank checkpoints convert to Hebrew


“Traffic Accidents” In Occupied Palestine: Another Form Of Zionist Terrorism


Five Injured by Army Fire During Weekly Ni’lin Anti-wall Protest


UK recognizes ‘Palestine’


Explosive device found near main junction in Jerusalem


Israeli Troops Fire Tear Gas At Bil’in Protestors


‘Gaza almost defies words’


Ashkenazi: We take Iran’s threats seriously,7340,L-3980181,00.html


Hamas condemns British moves to change laws to suit Israeli war criminals


Jerusalemite beaten, hospitalized


Germany’s Westerwelle to visit Gaza Strip next week


Military Operations in Jerusalem Near Al-Aqsa, Silwan


Al-Marsi Visits Gaza to Claim Palestinian Unity


Palestinian Teenage Boy Put Under House Arrest


UN in Gaza orders weapons to protect its head


Conference on EU foreign policy towards Palestinian issue concluded in Beirut


avinunu: Disgusting PA collaborators turn on each other to hide humiliation by their occupier-masters



Hamas: Unity meeting set for Damascus


Israel Renames Checkpoints in Hebrew


5-month house arrest for Palestinian Boy


Hilltop Youth presents: Cursing lexicon,7340,L-3980144,00.html



Kuwait Disappointed With Israel”s Reluctance to Stop Settlements


PLO: Settler violence on rise


Israeli media report: Government illegally transferred land in East Jerusalem to settlers


Jordan’s Queen Noor on MSNBC’s Morning Joe discussing the plight of the Palestinians, nonviolence & the film Budrus


Erekat Gives Washington “Two or Three More Weeks”


Palestinian Writer Shehadeh Straddles “A Rift in Time”


Gaza borders closed


PCHR Weekly Report: “Palestinian Killed, Several Wounded As Israel Continues Violations”


Army Breaks Into Homes Of Two Nonviolent Protestors In Al Nabi Saleh Village


Clashes Reported In East Jerusalem


Islamists boycott Najah University election after PA arrests supporters


An-Nabi Salih: Army enters home of protest leaders


Haaretz exposé / State gave East Jerusalem lands to rightist groups without tenders


Nablus man slain in rented Salfit apartment


Palestinian Negotiator: Willing to give US more time to convince Israel to stop settlement expansion


Al-Masri heads to Gaza to prime unity


Syria praises Cyprus over Golan stance


Request for a Lawyer


The Hostility Against Arabs is Ebbing Away


Israel slams Arab incitement, ignores clarion Jewish racism


Hamas: We increase Egypt’s security


Fatah official: Gaza fighters will be protected under unity pact


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