Sheikh Salah to goes on trial Wednesday

[ 05/11/2010 – 04:01 PM ]


OCCUPIED JERUSALEM, (PIC)– The Israeli court in the Israeli Ramle prison has scheduled the hearing of Sheikh Raed Salah this coming Wednesday to investigate whether or not he violated orders from the Israeli occupation police not to meet with more then seven people in a public place.

Khaled Zabarqa, one of the lawyers of Sheikh Salah, said the defense team filed a petition to adjourn the trial because the failed to get a copy of the case from the Israeli prosecutor.

However, Zabarqa pointed out that the court has not decided yet on the petition, but if it rejected it, then the hearing will go ahead as scheduled.

Salah is serving five-month jail term in the Israeli jails for defending the Aqsa Mosque against Israeli police and settlers attempts to desecrate its sanctity.

According to Salah lawyers, the court will prosecute Salah on Wednesday for accepting an invitation to a dinner party at Al-Halwani family home in the occupied Jerusalem suburb of Wadi Al-Joz after the IOF troops banned him from entering the Aqsa Mosque on 22-08-2007.

Fierce clashes erupted between Al-Halwani family and the Israeli occupation police that cordoned the home. Salah and others were wounded in the clashes.

The Israeli occupation police alleged that Salah met with more than 30 persons in Al-Halwani home, violating earlier police orders not to meet with more then a group of seven people at once in a public place. Lawyers said that in all standards, Al-Halwani home is considered a private place and not public.

In the same context, Zabarqa asserted that he and fellow lawyers will meet with the Israeli prison authority officials to discuss an appeal filed by the Mizan Human Rights center to allow books and magazines to Salah.

Salah was and still is a staunch defender of the Aqsa Mosque as he led many demonstrations against the Israeli government attempts to Judaize it and to distort the identity of the occupied city of Jerusalem.

Sheikh Salah to goes on trial Wednesday.

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