Hamas: PA security carried out 163 political arrests this month

[ 06/11/2010 – 03:39 PM ]


WEST BANK, (PIC)– PA security forces arrested this month 163 Palestinians throughout the West Bank, among them 74 ex-detainees who were released from Israeli jails, and transferred 40 detainees for military trials over their political affiliation, the Hamas movement in Gaza reported Saturday.

The official report added that Israeli forces arrested 13 Hamas supporters who were previously released by the PA security militia, while the PA security arrested a number of Hamas affiliates immediately after their release from Israeli prisons.

This month saw a number of security-related visits between Israeli and PA leaders, the group went on to say, noting that a joint committee between PA security forces and Israeli intelligence was formed this month to investigate several detainees who were transferred to the Jericho central prison.

The PA government in Ramallah sacked 13 employees over their political affiliation to Hamas, including six teachers and seven charity organization workers. A number of employees were arbitrarily transferred from their work places.

In a related context, the PA security militia raided the West Bank town of Yatta on Saturday after setting up several checkpoints and obstructing the movement of workers, local sources told the Palestinian Information Center.

The militia delivered summonses to tens of the townspeople and arrested a number of elements from the Islamic Jihad Movement.

In a separate development, the Muslim Youth association in the West Bank launched a campaign to refuse yielding to PA security summonses in light of the security forces’ excessive use of summonses “as a weapon to disrupt the daily lives of Hamas supporters, break their morale, and spread a climate of terror on the Palestinian society.”

The association called for a stop to voluntary responses to PA security summonses under the slogan: “Whoever wants me, come and arrest me.”

The group argued that answering to summonses to PA headquarters supports the PA’s position and boosts its influence on the Palestinian society, adding that arrests are less detrimental than constant responses to security summonses.

Hamas: PA security carried out 163 political arrests this month.

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