YouTube – Al-Walaja 5 November 2010

The demonstration in Al-Walaja, a village of over 18,000 dunums before 1948. Over 75% of its land and all its buildings were taken in 1948 and the people ethnically cleansed. 10% of the refugees rebuilt their lives in the portion that remained free from occupation before 1967.

In 1967, the area was occupied and the 25% of the land that remains is targeted to be colonized and the villagers are to be ethnically cleansed. Already 33 homes were demolished, 88 have pending orders for home demolitions, and the remaining homes are being surrounded by the apartheid wall isolating them from the remaining agricultural lands.

In this demonstration 3 days before the Israeli ‘supreme court’ is to rule on the wall path here, the villagers with internationals express their views of apartheid.

YouTube – Al-Walaja 5 November 2010.

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