Fatah using Iran bogey to justify surrender to Israel

[ 07/11/2010 – 11:34 PM ]

By Khalid Amayreh


Trying to justify its manifest moral and political bankruptcy, the Fatah movement, under PA leader Mahmoud Abbas, is trying to use the so-called Iran bogey to justify its effective surrender to the Zionist regime.

Fatah, which is kept alive by American money and Israeli tolerance, thinks that by joining the international Zionist-led campaign against Iran, it will obtain a certificate of good conduct from Israel, the US as well as from the many American puppet regimes in the Arab world.

In recent weeks, the Fatah leadership even began currying favor with some anti-Iranian regional groups, suggesting that resisting the so-called Iranian expansionism was more important than resisting Israeli Nazism.

In fact, the bulk of some of Fatah’s propaganda activities has centered on “highlighting” the Iranian danger and only secondarily on saving Jerusalem and occupied Palestinian land from the claws of Zionist ghoul.

I have no doubts that Zionist money and intelligence are behind those who are trying to tell the Palestinians, Arabs and Muslims that their real enemy is Iran, not the Zionist regime whose nuclear warheads are being trained toward Muslim countries.

Listening to some of the Fatah propaganda of late, one would get the impression that it is the Iranians, not the Zionist regime, that is trying to demolish the Aqsa Mosque, destroy homes in Jerusalem, build more colonies in the West Bank and carry out more wars and massacres in the Gaza Strip.

This misplaced fixation on Iran surfaces and resurfaces every time Israel is facing a difficult situation at the international arena. Hence, it is probably no co-incidence that Israel’s Arab or “Muslim” agents hasten to help their ultimate master, the Venomous Zionist viper, every time it finds itself in a stressful situation.

Earlier this week, PA leader Mahmoud Abbas blamed Iran for undermining the Palestinian reconciliation efforts. He  also said that Iran was preventing Hamas from getting involved in that failed “peace” process, which looks more like a game of make believe than a genuine peace-making process based on justice and ending the Nazi-like Israeli occupation of Palestinian land.

To begin with, Abbas’s claim that Hamas is coming under Iranian influence has no sliver of truth or credibility. It is probably a kind of unconscious projection uttered inadvertently by Abbas, who is completely and absolutely at America’s beck and call, so much so that he is willing to accept anything imposed by the United States .

Well. What is  anything  imposed by the US supposed to mean? Doesn’t Abbas realize that the US is fully against the right of return for Palestinian refugees, which is the crux of the matter of the conflict? Doesn’t he realize that the American policy in this part of the world is more or less the Israeli policy? Doesn’t he realize that it is the US and US alone that enabled Israel to have its way in occupied Palestine, and build hundreds of Jewish colonies on occupied land, with impunity?

Besides, what is Hamas, the democratically-elected movement, supposed to do to prove to Abbas and his minions and hangers-on its good will and sincerity in seeking just peace for Palestinians.?

Must Hamas recognize  Israel  as a state for the Jews, by the Jews, and of the Jews, as Israel is constantly demanding, thus effectively acknowledging the legitimacy of Israel’s “right” to ethnically cleanse the estimated two million- strong Palestinians who are Israeli citizens?

Must Hamas give up on the right of return for the refugees for the sake of Hillary Clinton’s blue eyes? Must Hamas give its full consent and blessing to the daily criminal acts by Jewish settlers against Palestinians and their property? Must Hamas sing the ha’tekva, (the Israeli national anthem) in order to find acceptance in Ramallah and Tel Aviv and Washington?

The truth of the matter is that Hamas’s principled stance has very little or nothing to do with the Iranian policy. Moreover, it has nothing to do with any real or imagined Shiite “conspiracy” to overrun the Sunni Middle East whose various despotic, tyrannical and dynastic fiefdoms are more or less completely controlled by the United States which is itself controlled tightly by Israel.

In light, one is prompted to ask Abbas and the likes of Abbas if he thinks that one can’t and shouldn’t adopt patriotic and dignified positions vis-à-vis Israeli Nazism unless one is subservient to Iran?

In truth, there is a  vast difference between the bribery money the US is giving to Abbas and his  unelected Ramallah regime and whatever assistance given to Hamas by the Muslims of the world, governments and individuals.

America (and Europe) is giving the PA money in order to torment, savage and subjugate the Palestinian people on Israel’s behalf. America’s money is used to enable the PA to torture and even kill political detainees. Ultimately, America’s money is used to subdue and coerce the Palestinian people to sell out their inalienable rights such as the right of return.

On the other hand, the non-Political assistance coming from Muslim sources, including Iran, is used to enhance and enforce the Palestinians’ steadfastness and resilience in the face of Israel’s Nazi-like crimes, such as the enduring siege of Gaza and the murderous onslaught against the coastal enclave whose second anniversary occurs next month.

I think that in alienating Iran and jumping onto the American-Israeli bandwagon, Fatah is committing a huge historic blunder.

Sometime playing the opportunism card might work, but in this particular context, doing so, and by a movement that claims to be the leader of the Palestinian struggle for freedom and independence, spells shortsightedness, indignity and political stupidity.

Moreover, Fatah should realize that Israel is very much like a vicious crocodile, the more meat you feed it, the more it demands.

Last week,  Israel decided to bar two of the most arguably “moderate” Fatah leaders, Muhammed Dahlan and Ahemd Qrei’, from  traveling to Jordan via the Allenby Bridge.

Israel had poured wholesome praise on the two, using grand epithets to describe them. But the moment one of them made a slip of the tongue about Israeli criminality, Israel showed him “the red eye,” telling him effectively that Israel’s friends must completely and absolutely surrender to “the chosen people” or “Master race.”  Not a minute deviation from the script would be tolerated!!

Some of these “moderates” did huge services for Israel. At one point they were willing to flood Gaza with the blood of Hamas. They were willing to decapitate Hamas once and for all. Some of them distributed sweets and Kenafa when Israel was raining death on the Gaza children.

And what they promised  to do in secret, on behalf of Israel and the US ,  may have been even more shocking.

Yet Israel is treating them like diseased dogs.

Such is the fate of those who don’t respect themselves and their people.

The Holy Quran says “And whomsoever God disgraces, none can honor him. Verily.”

Moreover, Zuheir, the pre-Islamic poet said, “he who doesn’t respect himself, shall not be respected.”

Fatah using Iran bogey to justify surrender to Israel.

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