Zionist pressures exerted to deprive French film director of Oscar

[ 08/11/2010 – 11:08 AM ]


NEW YORK, (PIC)– Zionist pressure groups in the USA are exerting big efforts and pressures to persuade the American Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences not to award French film director Jean-Luc Godard the international Oscar honorary award because of his support for the Palestine cause.

The Zionist groups charge Godard with anti-Semitism because of his works of art that strongly criticizes Israel and its army’s practices against the Palestinian people.

A Jewish weekly newspaper based in New York published an article on its front page saying, “Will they grant Oscar to an anti-Semite?”

The report was followed by a defamation campaign by pro Zionist website against the French director.

Godard refused a few months ago to visit Israel to deliver lectures because of his anti Israel political position. He directed several films criticizing Israel and comparing Israeli practices against the Palestinians to the Nazi practices against the Jews.

Zionist pressures exerted to deprive French film director of Oscar.

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