Hamdan: Damascus meet would not solve all security problems

[ 09/11/2010 – 09:31 AM ]


BEIRUT, (PIC)– Osama Hamdan, a Hamas leader and its representative in Lebanon, said that the Damascus meeting between his movement and Fatah would not solve all security problems but would pave the way for solutions that would satisfy all parties and the Palestinian people.

He told Al-Quds TV network in a statement on Monday night that his movement would table proposals to facilitate finding solutions along the way to forge national reconciliation.

Hamdan said that Hamas would suggest the formation of a higher committee that would be concerned with following policies and field developments, describing the committee as an important tool to control all related security issues.

Hamas would also ask for reforming the Palestinian Authority’s security apparatuses so that they would receive orders from the government, he said, adding, “We want apparatuses that work according to the law and are under the authority of the law and not work according to their own laws or whims”.

Hamdan stressed that reconciliation means getting rid of affiliation with occupation, boosting the internal front to confront pressures, and amending the national path, after the experience proved failure of the Oslo option, toward adopting resistance.

The Hamas leader said that the security apparatuses in Gaza confront and combat agents not resistance, adding that such logic should also prevail in the West Bank.

Hamdan: Damascus meet would not solve all security problems.

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