Israel to establish 11 new villages in Negev

[ 08/11/2010 – 06:25 PM ]


NEGEV, (PIC)– The Israeli housing ministry announced a new scheme to judaize the Negev, south of Palestine occupied in 1948, that envisages establishing 11 new villages in the area from Beersheba to Arad.

The plan stipulates establishing those villages over an area of 1800 dunums to link various settlements in the Negev.

The ministry claimed that one of those towns would be allocated for housing the Arab Bedouins who are living in villages not recognized by Tel Aviv.

The Negev Palestinians are wary of the new scheme since it plans to bring them together in one town and rob them of their land that extends along the Negev region to convert it into Jewish settlements.

Israel to establish 11 new villages in Negev.

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