MP Zeidan: Fatah may evade its reconciliation obligations due to Israeli threats

[ 09/11/2010 – 10:13 AM ]


RAMALLAH, (PIC)– Senior Hamas official and lawmaker Abdelrahman Zeidan expressed his concern that Fatah faction would evade its obligations in case it reached a reconciliation with his Movement after the Israeli occupation state threatened to reoccupy the West Bank again if the inter-Palestinian division ends.

Zeidan told Quds Press on Monday that the Palestinian street is unconvinced about the seriousness of Fatah to achieve the reconciliation with Hamas.

He stated that all previous reconciliation talks and mediations failed because of the insistence of Fatah and Cairo on not listening to Hamas’s reservations on Egypt’s reconciliation paper and there are strong doubts now about the intentions of Fatah and the Egyptian mediator after they accepted what they strongly rejected before.

The lawmaker affirmed that the other reason which raises doubts about the possibility of achieving the Palestinian reconciliation is the escalating political arrests against Hamas cadres and supporters in the West Bank and the increasing reported torture incidents in Fatah’s interrogation centers and jails.

“There are two regimes in the West Bank, the police regime and the regime of politicians, and each one operates independently from the other. With whom the hoped reconciliation will be and how is it going to be while there are persistent arrest and torture incidents,” the Hamas official underlined.

MP Zeidan: Fatah may evade its reconciliation obligations due to Israeli threats.

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