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Sebastia’s living community sidelined for ancient ruins


Don’t expect Cyprus gesture from Turkey


Erekat: “Netanyahu Determined To Destroy Talks”


‘Precious Life’ Video Conference Closes Out Israel Film Festival


4 minors amongst the 7 arrested in violent raids on Bir Ayyub homes


Maliki Holds Israel Responsible For Obstruction Of Talks


Report: Netanyahu hopes to shift US focus from talks


US disappointed by plans for new Jerusalem homes


Photo Gallery: Sheep smuggled through tunnel to Gaza for sacrificial feast


The loyalty oath and Israel’s Zionist “left”


Mondoweiss: Chronicle of Higher Ed: Ideas can’t circulate in occupation because teachers and students can’t


BDS and Israel’s Battle for Legitimacy


Galilee Cities Vie for Title of ‘Most Racist’


UAE sends 500 tons of relief to Gaza








Israel plan for Jerusalem homes provokes Palestinian outrage


Report: Airline apologizes after strip-searching US professor


The Resurrection of Ariel Sharon


Teenager detained at Hebron checkpoint


Abbas should release journalist, press freedom group says


International organizations urged to abandon online Israel event


Ma’an staff join Tunisian embassy’s celebrations


Report: Israel’s ‘wanted’ list shrinks in West Bank


SA Rabbi Denies Existence of Apartheid in Israel


Boycott coordinating organization established in Europe


US disappointed by plans for new Jerusalem homes


Hamas asks Germany to exert practical efforts to end Gaza siege


Israeli conference to discuss allocating Jordan as state for Palestinians


Israel’s Jerusalem municipality announces new settlement projects in city


Religious affairs ministry warns of upcoming ideological war


Israel expels two Swedes from occupied Palestine


Israel to establish 11 new villages in Negev


Resheq hopes Fatah would rid itself of foreign conditions


Ya’alon to Russia: Tell Palestinians Israel is Jewish,7340,L-3981630,00.html


KABOBfest: Why This Two-Year Old PWNS You


Window Into Palestine: Fatah using Iran bogey to justify surrender to Israel


Filasteen: The CPCCA and the New McCarthyism


Window Into Palestine: Dimona, the Middle East’s ticking time bomb


مشفى المطلع… شامخ على ما




Israel plan for Jerusalem homes provokes Palestinian outrage


Israel plan for Jerusalem homes provokes Palestinian outrage


Anger and curses as women pray out loud at Western Wall


Chief Rabbi Denies Existence of Apartheid in Israel


Playing with Stones – A Poem


Israeli Banks Profiteering from Occupation


JC mocks peer over Israel remarks


Westerwelle speaks out against Gaza siege


7 injured in separate incidents in Bethlehem


Breaking News: Young Jews Disrupt Bibi Netanyahu Speech at Jewish GA


Erekat: Israel sabotaging peace with new settlement plans


PA court to rule on elections deferral next month


Hamas delegation heads to Damascus for talks


International committee vows to restore Mount of Olives,7340,L-3981588,00.html


Israel hoists Belgian flag to greet German foreign minister


Hamas slams German foreign minister’s refusal to meet


The stress of living in Gaza


Germany supports End of Gaza Siege


Israel denies doctor entry to Gaza


Israel delays anti-rocket system


Likud MK launches new award for Zionist arts


Mounadil al Djazaïri: Des soldats Polonais en Afghanistan déboussolés


Palestine Video: Palestinians Rebuild Rahat Mosque Demolished by Israel – English Transcript, Arabic Video


The Palestine Center: Oh, that Yitzhak Rabin


Effects of the siege on Palestinians intensify as Eid approaches


Israel Plans to Build 1000 New Units in Har Homa Settlement, Near Bethlehem


In Palestine, Occupational Hazards


Hamas Invites Ahmadinejad to Visit Gaza Strip


Jerusalem Municipality approves construction beyond Green Line,7340,L-3981509,00.html


avinunu: Blockade “Easing” Update: Gaza hospitals short of 100 types of medicines & 160 types of medical requirements


avinunu: UK MP’s meet Hamas MP’s resisting expulsion from their Jerusalem hometown by foreign occupier


Jerusalem Municipal Police Remove Statue of Slain Samer Sirhan


Israel’s Lieberman denounces settlement boycott


Israel arrested over 345 Palestinians in October, including 140 children


Biden Reaffirms American Relations With Israel


Israeli Digging Fells al-Aqsa Tree


UN Concerned Over Change in Jerusalem Checkpoint Administration


Challenging the Siege in Gaza


My family, the enemy


Stressed out Gazans need therapists, pop pills


Annie’s letters: Braving Iraq ~ Full Episode | Nature


McLoughlin Post: Defend Free Speech: The CPCCA and the New McCarthyism


IOF troops fire at residential quarters in Rafah, round up more West Bankers


Palestinian prisoner society calls for firing Habbash from his post


Zionist pressures exerted to deprive French film director of Oscar


Israel plans 11 New settlements in Negev


Israeli police threaten to tear down Sahwa Mosque in Negev area again


Israel FM warns against borders talks


Jerusalem Settlers Thwarted From Taking Building Materials


Israel: Terrorists in the Northern West Bank All But Gone


Haaretz: No More “Wanted” Palestinians In the West Bank


IOA deprives two Palestinian villages of potable water


UN needs machine guns to protect Gaza staff


Geert Wilders’ very own two-state solution


Abbas: Palestinian State Could be Declared Within a Year


London hosts campaign to boycott Israel


Dubai Cares To Implement De-Worming Program In Gaza And West Bank


Israel Ousts Two Swedes Who Joined IHH Flotilla


Jewish Extremists Try to Kill Chilean Tourist, Mistaken for Palestinian


Fundamentalists Attack Chilean Tourist After “Suspecting” He Is Arab


Jerusalem municipality removes memorial to Silwan martyr Samer Sarhan


Hundreds of Israeli police demolish mosque; 1,000 Bedouins protest the demolition


Westerwelle is first German minister to visit Gaza in four years


Gaza worker dies collecting rubble


Abbas: We will have final word on negotiations


Window Into Palestine: French Catholic church in Jerusalem: I expected more from the only state claiming to be a democracy in the Middle East’


Maan News Agency: PA: Israel raided 2148 homes in October


Breaking the Silence, November 2010 Update


Israel’s Supreme Court backs Jews-only housing in Jaffa neighborhood


Road to Hope Convoys Remain Stalled but Determined to Reach Gaza


Fatah using Iran bogey to justify surrender to Israel


Al-Aqsa preacher slams demolition of Negev mosque


Bahar: West Bank lawmaker can’t hold PLC meeting


IDF decides to store, not deploy, Iron Dome system


A Few Observations About the Current Political Situation in Occupied Palestine


Mondoweiss: Goosebumps video links American sacrifices in civil rights struggle to Palestinian protesters’ travails


UK Attempt to Embarass Israel Backfires; Bollinger’s New Palestine Center to be “Unveiled” on November 11


For Family of Activist Killed in Gaza, No End in Sight for Case


Palestine solidarity conference sets boycott plans


Obama, Netanyahu’s excuse for the failure of peace talks


Gilbert Achcar – US speaking tour on The Arabs and the Holocaust: The Arab-Israeli War of Narratives


Court docs show that the Israeli government sold property in East Jerusalem to settlers


Mark Thomas praises Christian nonviolent resistance in Palestine


Mondoweiss: UK Foreign Ministry official says Gaza blockade is unbearable


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