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The Oslo Virus and the Struggle for Bantustans


Canada stands by Israel


How to Anger the Pro-Israel Lobby


Israeli Court Issues 45-day Extension for Wall Encircling al-Walajeh


Biden is Not Taking It Personally


Settlers Open New Settlers Only Road in Hebron


‘Victim’ – A Poem


How Israel’s easing of Gaza blockade has hurt Gaza business


Tomgram: Ira Chernus, Is Palestine America’s Next Vietnam?


Fatah wins Nablus university student senate elections


UN body holds general debate on Israeli practices


US disputes Israel claim on settlements’ link to peace


Poll: Holyland affair most corrupt in 2010,7340,L-3982258,00.html


PA wants Israel to expand Gaza crossing


Demonstrators wave Palestinian flag for first time on Beit Hanoun crossing


IOA rounded up 33 children in Silwan last month


UN, EU concerned over Israeli settlement activity as more settlers pour in OJ


Report: Sharon to be moved home within days


Haaretz: Israel’s list of wanted West Bank ‘terrorists’ dwindles to almost nil thanks to coordination with the PA


Netanyahu’s speech in N. America interrupted by pro-Palestinians


Jordanians vote in polls boycotted by Islamic opposition


West Bank: Israeli settlement construction


Israel lays claims to al-Quds as ‘capital’


Qabha refutes claims about meetings between Hamas and Israeli officials


Two Palestinian workers wounded in IOF shelling


Violent clashes between OJ citizens and Israeli security


Hamas leader: Damascus meet may not resolve division


Israel rejects world’s criticism over Jerusalem building


Palestinians say it’s time to recognize their state,7340,L-3982190,00.html


Hamas leader: Damascus meet may not resolve division


Obama leads world chorus against Israel plan for Jerusalem


Plans of Settlement Construction Approved Amidst Stalled Peace Negotiations


PA military court sentences two Hamas members to actual imprisonment



Israel rejects world’s criticism over Jerusalem building

France Deplores New Israeli Settlements in East Jerusalem


Settlers to build 800 new homes in Ariel: Peace Now


2 injured in explosion near Gaza border


ميشال هولبك: كتابة الكراهية


Palestine Video: Benjamin Netanyahu´s visit to the US – CCTV 101108


Palestine Video: Palestine: Roadmap to Peace? – Never Before Campaign video


AFP: One in Four Israelis Living in Poverty, Mostly Arabs


Four Injured, Five Arrested in Silwan; Clashes in ‘Issawiya


Israeli forces confiscate cement mixer


EU Condemns Settlement Plans, Encourages Reversal


PA calls for Palestinian state


Palestine concerned about cancelled football match


Obama slams Israel over settlements


Hamas: Alleged meeting ‘more like home raid’


In response to Israeli building, negotiator calls for state


Chief Palestinian negotiator calls to recognize Palestinian state


Al-Quds Brigades Warn Israel against New Assault on Gaza


Settlers to build 800 new homes in Ariel: Peace Now


Fatah condemns Israeli TV report on member corruption


Al-Aqsa imam condemns Israel’s policy of demolishing mosques


UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon Expresses Concern Over Settlement Construction


avinunu: Israel’s PA puppet regime worried its services to Zionism may become irrelevant as Israel-Hamas contacts revealed


avinunu: VIDEO Awesome to see Netanyahu olmerted in the heart of the US Zionist apparatus


EU: Reverse Jerusalem building plan,7340,L-3981987,00.html


Israeli legislator to quit Knesset after ‘moral turpitude’ ruling


Who will value Palestinian rights?


The Yacoubian Building – in Hebrew


Obama Denounces Israeli Approval of Settlement Construction


Confrontations Reported in East Jerusalem


PA Levels Complaints Against Reported Meeting Between Shin Bet and Hamas


Hamas official Nasif on hunger strike, IOA denies him visits



Clashes Between Israeli Troops And Palestinians in East Jerusalem


Palestine should declare independence, says Palestinian National Initiative


IOF troops advance in central Gaza, detain 4 citizens in WB


EU urges Israel to reverse decision on settlements


Hamas, Fatah differ on obstacle to unity


Police arrest suspect in courthouse shooting


IOA extends administrative detention of wife of Hamas leader


MP Zeidan: Fatah may evade its reconciliation obligations due to Israeli threats


Projectiles fired from Gaza; Palestinians injured


Hamdan: Damascus meet would not solve all security problems


UAE aid convoy arrives in Egypt en route to Gaza


Confrontations in East Jerusalem


Ashkenazi: In a future war we’ll need to evacuate civilians


Activists Disrupt Netanyahu’s Speech In New Orleans


Noam Chomsky on Gaza


Israel OKs new construction projects in West Bank and East Jerusalem


Peace process diplomacy continues in US amid disappointment


Blockade of the Gaza Strip was unacceptable Germany


Jordanians vote in parliamentary elections boycotted by Islamists


Solidarity from Rutgers to Gaza


WB settlements plans ‘disappoint’ US


Audio: Highlights from Montreal BDS conference


Silwan youth blinded by Israeli tear gas, say medics


PA detains controversial blogger




Vietnam, Palestine increase solidarity


Israeli who disrupted Netanyahu’s speech: We were raised on human rights


Israel permits new settlement homes


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