Gaza Health Ministry: The strip out of 79 critical drugs

[ 11/11/2010 – 10:24 AM ]


GAZA, (PIC)– Amid plummeting medical conditions in the Gaza Strip, the territory’s Health Ministry warned Wednesday that around 80 basic drugs have become out of stock.

Dr. Muneer Al-Bursh, the ministry’s pharmaceutical director wrote to the media: The most important of these drugs are those used in the nursery department, surgical and laparoscopic operations, intensive care, orthopedic surgery, drugs used for anesthesia or respiration, ECG papers, childbirth, in addition to stitching thread for child birth and eye surgery, and plaster in its varying sizes.

Dr. Bursh called on the health ministry in Ramallah to send necessary medical supplies to the Gaza Strip being kept in Ramallah’s medical storage.

The medical official underscored that Gaza has been suffering for the past four years an unjust blockade that has had a devastating impact on all aspects of life. Israeli forces have prevented humanitarian aid from entering the region.

In a related context, Gaza’s Ministry of Public Works and Housing said the rising population in the strip has produced a need for 100,000 new residential units

Destruction resulting from Israeli invasions and the occupational government’s blockade of building materials has also contributed to the crisis.

Housing Minister Yousef Al Mansi said the ministry has a plan to construct 26,000 housing units that will cover 25 per cent of the deficit in Gaza.

Speaking on the areas capsized in the latest Israeli war on the strip, Mansi said: 1,200 houses have been restored and their residents returned to them.

Works are underway to restore and rebuild 180 residential units with funding from charitable organizations, he added.

Gaza Health Ministry: The strip out of 79 critical drugs.

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