Jewish settlers release waste water on farmlands in Bethlehem

[ 11/11/2010 – 03:40 PM ]


BETHLEHEM, (PIC)– Residents of the Bethlehem village of Housan said Jews from the Beitar settlement, illegally founded near the village, recently released waste water on Arab farmlands causing heavy losses and health concerns.

Villagers said the waste water affected crops of olives, grapes, figs, and almonds on lands belonging to the Hamamira family.

Locals previously reported that an Israeli bus company located at the settlement entrance extended sewer lines under private farmlands.

Waste water and oil flowing in the land has damaged dozens of productive trees, residents added.

Meanwhile in Saflit, Israeli bulldozers continued to plow down private Palestinian land to expand the west Salfit Jewish settlement of Etz Efraim.

Locals reported that Israeli bulldozers were rapidly toiling without break to dig up farmlands belonging to residents of the Masha and Saniria villages to build new residential units.

The construction was taking place on the ruins of a road linking the two villages which was shut down by Israeli forces during the Aqsa intifada (uprising) and annexed to the separation wall, sources said, adding that olive groves along the road were also excavated.

Locals hold that the Arab region of Salfit is a hotspot for the expansion and launch of new Jewish settlements.

Jewish settlers release waste water on farmlands in Bethlehem.

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