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Israel Plans to Rebuild Old Jerusalem-Palestinian Official


Palestine-Israel, In defiance of the settler colonialists escalation the joint struggle expand


avinunu: Crisis Update: This photo of Bibi & Hillary really conveys the rising tensions over settlements between US & Israel


Clinton says Israel building plan not productive


Hamas denounces political arrest of senior PLC member


Haniyeh: Serious obstacles in national dialogue


Ahrar center slams IOF for kidnapping PLC secretary-general


Tadamun: Nassif suspends hunger strike


US to pledge to veto Palestinian state if Israel freezes settlement for 3 month


Palestinians ask for urgent UN meeting on settlement crisis


Abbas seeks Security Council meeting on settlements


“What did Ali Abunimah actually say” – UNM faculty letter responds to defamation and sets record straight


avinunu: “The great book robbery of 1948” – how Israel systematically looted Palestinian libraries during Nakba /v @intifada



IDF to sell confiscated enemy weapons,7340,L-3982647,00.html


‘Israel gearing up for attacking Lebanon’


Israel re-arrests West Bank Deputy, Mahmoud Al-Ramahi
Hamas visits families of Fatah affiliates killed in Gaza


Israeli Banks Profiteering from Occupation


Abbas Calls for Security Council Meeting; Netanyahu Rebukes Criticism


Window closing on peace, Kerry says in Israel


UK becomes first Western country to recognise Palestine as Foreign Secretary signs film treaty with the ‘nation’


Israeli police interfere in repairs at Aqsa Mosque, detain three of its guards



Palestinian reconciliation: an inescapable duty


IOF soldiers detain eldest son of MP Halaika


Armed group says targeted Israeli bulldozer


Turkey: No thaw with Israel without apology for boat raid


PIC: Abu Mujahid Says Israel’s Propaganda on Resistance is Addressed to the West


New Objects Gathered for Arafat Museum



Israeli occupation police round up more children in Silwan


Israeli forces arrest 2 in Silwan


Sources: Israel arrests senior Hamas MP in West Bank


Israeli raid targets Jerusalem neighborhood


Israeli Rightist Denied Request to Protest


Gaza militants launch bomb attack against IDF patrol


Obama Recognizes “Enormous Obstacles” in Peace Talks


Camera Phone Photography Show Uncovers Hidden Talents


Worker shot by Israeli force in northern Gaza


BERNAMA – RCA Spent Over RM45.43 Million In Palestine In First Ten Months


Israeli raid targets Jerusalem neighborhood


Israel rules out freeze on East Jerusalem construction


New Incursion By Israeli Troops Into Gaza


Arrests Campaign in Silwan and New Excavation in Hilweh Valley in East Jerusalem


Pro-Palestinian speaker riles Kristallnacht commemoration


Hamas: “Israel Seeking Failure Of Palestinian Unity Talks”


Explosions Near Gaza Borders Leaves Four Injured


Silwan Raids Continue; 11 Arrested Throughout West Bank, Including Councillor


Israeli forces advanced hundreds of meters into Gaza Strip


The Oslo Virus and the Struggle for Bantustans


Crowley Reaffirms Obama’s Stance Against New Settlement Construction In Jerusalem


Britain, OIC Slam New Settlements


Palestinian Workers Wounded By Army Fire In Beit Hanoun


Silwan Raids Continue; 11 Arrested Throughout West Bank


Israeli forces encroach into Gaza


IDF arrests senior Hamas official,7340,L-3982351,00.html


Six international volunteers arrested for helping replant farmland in Saffa


Netanyahu: Intellectual Father of the ‘War on Terror’


Including PLC official, Soldiers Kidnap Twelve Palestinian In The West Bank


Israeli Nazism, not anti-Semitism, is the real issue


Anti-normalization committee slams Jordanian gov’t for military ties with Israel


Israeli Forces Arrest 11 Palestinians


Ashton Concerned About Israel’s Plan To Build 1300 Settlement Units In East Jerusalem


Has Britain recognized ‘Palestine’?


Obama: Peace talks face enormous obstacles,7340,L-3982328,00.html



Dutch anti-Islam politician to take part in conference to ‘change Jordan’s name to Palestine’


Headdress, radio, holy book help tell Arafat story


The mighty march of progress: British war graves in Gaza


LRC: “Israel Carried Out 35 Attacks Against The Palestinians In East Jerusalem In October


Radical solutions for Palestine


Palestinian groups hold more reconciliation talks


Dangerous Work

Hard times drive Gazans into perilous ‘buffer zone’


Clashes Reported in East Jerusalem Neighborhood


The great book robbery of 1948


OIC Chief Condemns New Israeli Settlement


Young Jews interrupt Netanyahu at Jewish General Assembly

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