Dahalan presents new plan to take over the Gaza Strip

[ 12/11/2010 – 09:58 PM ]


LONDON, (PIC)– Well-informed Palestinian sources have confirmed Thursday that the infamous Fatah leader and chief of the mutiny trend in the Movement, presented a plan to attack the Gaza Strip in a bid to topple Hamas and to restore his “reputation” in the Palestinian arena.

The PIC obtained a copy of Dahalan’s plan comprising 70 pages and classified as “confidential” where he put his vision for the scenario of the invasion that starts with giving him a position in the PA security apparatus in the West Bank.

A close associate of Dahalan for nearly two decades revealed to the PIC that based on his relationship with Dahalan, the controversial Fatah leader needs the security position for a number of reasons, including his belief that no one could control security in the West Bank and block Hamas and the Islamic Jihad from controlling the region except himself.

According to the sources, Dahalan succeeded in convincing a number of European and Arab countries to train his men to carryout the mission successfully.

According to the plan, Dahalan alleged he could topple Hamas Movement in the Strip if he receives “adequate” logistical, political, and financial support, adding that he coordinated with security experts from Egypt, Jordan, the Zionist entity, the USA, and the UK to prepare details of the plan.

The plan presumes an attack by Dahalan’s men from the Egyptian borders in the south, and through the Israeli crossing points east and north of the Gaza Strip, in addition to Jordan-trained commandos who would attack from the sea.

Dahalan asked for three billion US dollars to achieve his plan that he alleged gained the blessing of Omar Suleiman, the Chief of Egypt’s intelligence apparatus, and Yoval Disken, the head of the Israeli internal security department, adding that he furnished copies of his plan to a number of intelligence apparatuses in “friendly” Arab states.

In 2007, Dahalan led a coup against the Palestinian legitimacy in a bid to topple Hamas, but the coup failed, and Generals of Dahalan fled to Egypt where he was waiting for them. The mutiny led to the political rift in the Palestinian arena that benefited only the Israeli occupation, as most of the Palestinians believe.

Dahalan presents new plan to take over the Gaza Strip.

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