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Israel military says air strike kills Gaza militant


Fatah-Hamas talks to resume after Eid


Dahalan presents new plan to take over the Gaza Strip


Two IOF soldiers killed, 9 people injured in Acre by a driver seeking revenge « 62 Years Occupation.,7340,L-3983724,00.html

Carter: Israel to get new Shalit letter


Palestine: A Family’s Story


European and UN delegates visit Silwan


Home demolitions to recommence in Silwan


Amnesty launches appeal to save Bedouin village




Weekly anti-wall protest commemorates Arafat


Nigerian security rejects reports that arms were bound for Gaza


Palestine and the Fate of the UN


Mondoweiss: RT @democracynow: Hillary Clinton avoids mention of settlement building at talks btw U.S. & #Israel in NY Thurs. NEWS:


Palestinians slam settlement expansion


Gaza pilgrims given passage to Makkah


19 rightists arrested on way to Jericho,7340,L-3983691,00.html


Mondoweiss: @intifada: Major Dutch pension fund divests from occupation –


Erekat: Palestinians could go to UN


Gaza tunnel worker injured


Palestine: a Family’s Story


Galilee couple marries at Arafat’s shrine


Mondoweiss: Israeli military invades Palestinian village after settlers attack family


Khreisheh considers lawsuit against Abbas


PA: Freeze settlements or we’ll go to UN,7340,L-3983679,00.html


Gaza blockade hasn’t eased


Occupation bans renovation of a school which is considered part of the Aqsa


Abbas Meets with UN Envoy, Speaks at Arafat Commemoration


Greek commandos board Gaza-bound aid ship


Activists mark year of protests in Sheikh Jarrah


Israel denies 32 pilgrims passage at Allenby Bridge


Report: Israel plans 130 units in East Jerusalem


Greek commandos board Gaza-bound ship


Soldiers Use Tear Gas Against Ni’lin Anti-Wall Protest


Japan connects village to electricity grid


Bil’in: Many Treated for Tear Gas Inhalation During Weekly Anti-Wall Protest


PressTV – UK MPs criticise Israel for Gaza misery


Gaza aid convoy Britons held on Greek captain’s ship


UK decision to change law deplored


Gaza activists willingly on ship from Libya-ship manager


Gaza aid convoy Britons held on Greek captain’s ship


Mondoweiss: Two-year-old girl dies from leukemia while waiting to leave Gaza for treatment


Mondoweiss: Two-year-old girl dies from leukemia while waiting to leave Gaza for treatment


Zionist entity to revive laws allowing it to arrogate Palestinian properties


Unity leader denounces Fatah detention in Gaza


Arab Ambassadors Look into Palestinian Solidarity Activism in Brazil


Israeli Soldiers Suppress Anti-Wall Protest Near Bethlehem


avinunu: The “IDF,” the world’s bravest, most moral army demonstrates its courage against Nablus-area children


avinunu: In Salam Fayyad’s West Bank Paradise: Cowardly occupation army carries out violent attack on Jenin-area town


Mondoweiss: A perspective on the Jewish Federation General Assembly from its only Palestinian attendee


avinunu: Siege “easing” update: UN warns of Gaza wheat shortage


PRC holds a workshop titled “Mapping Palestine: for its survival or destruction


Fatah official: Talks waste of time


An independent Palestine might upset the status-quo


Israeli cabinet: settlement construction will continue in Jerusalem; there are no rifts with Washington


Israeli Army Segregates the Village of Nabi Saleh to Prevent Commemorative Folk Festival


PCHR: Israeli Army Gunfire Leaves Two Palestinians, One Israeli Civilian Wounded


28 days in the West Bank of Palestine


Irish national on hijacked boat is survivor of Israeli flotilla attack


Hamas Releases 30 Fatah Supporters Detained During Arafat’s Commemoration in Gaza


Pilgrims fill Jerusalem’s streets


Allenby/Karama crossing to operate 24/7 for holiday rush


Jerusalem Municipality Weighs Plans To Build 130 Units in East Jerusalem


Saffa Valley November 7th arrests!


By the Maps: Understanding Israel’s Increasing Grip On Jerusalem


Breaking: UK Convoy to Gaza Stopped by “Berserk” Greek Captain


Palestinian detainees say skin rash rampant in Israeli prison


PA: Israel closes crossing, blocking 500 travelers


Israelis ‘enjoy Gaza war destruction’




Rabbis provoke riots in Israel’s “most racist” city


Jewish Extremists Assault Palestinians « Wadi Hilweh Information Center – Silwan


Prisoner Speaks Out From Israeli Jail by Mel Frykberg —


Jewish Extremists Assault Palestinians


PCHR Weekly Report: Three civilians wounded; 18 abducted, including 6 children


The banality of EVil Soldiers celebrating the destruction of houses


MESS Report / Fragile Palestinian unity threatened by Fatah split


Video shows Israeli soldiers cheering destruction in Gaza


Dr. Naim Ateek: sharing the view from a Christian Palestine


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