Road to Hope aid convoy to sail again for Gaza before Rafah crossing closed

[ 13/11/2010 – 02:18 PM ]


LONDON, (PIC)– The European Road to Hope aid convoy destined for the besieged Gaza Strip is getting prepared to sail once again for the port of Al-Arish before the Egyptian authorities close the Rafah border crossing for six day as of next Monday.

A Libyan participant in the convoy said the activists stranded at the Egyptian-Libyan borders will take a new cargo ship called Nuweiba during the next few hours in an attempt to cross into Gaza with the aid after the previous ship they were aboard was hijacked by its own Greek captain who sailed it to Greece before he fled in a small boat.

Nine participants in the convoy and four Libyan customs officers, as well as a small part of the aid which was not unloaded at Libyan ports were still on board the ship when it was hijacked.

The Libyan officers are currently in their embassy in Greece and the nine activists, five Brits, two Americans, and two from Morocco and Algeria, will fly to Libya to join the other participants in the convoy before they sail together along with the aid for Al-Arish seaport.

105 multinational activists have stayed at the Egyptian-Libyan borders since October 25 waiting to be allowed into Egypt by land, but the Egyptian authorities insisted the aid convoy enter Gaza by sea, and what added insult to injury that the ship they were hired was hijacked and taken to Greece.

Road to Hope aid convoy to sail again for Gaza before Rafah crossing closed.

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