Zio-American plot to abolish Palestinians’ right to resistance

[ 13/11/2010 – 02:31 PM ]


OCCUPIED JERUSALEM, (PIC)– 79 international human rights organizations revealed a Zio-American conspiracy against the Palestinian people and their national cause aimed at revoking the Palestinian people’s right to self-determination and their right to resist the occupation.

In a statement signed by these organizations, the representatives of Israel and the US in the UN human rights council have been trying for weeks to draft a new resolution that will lead to the removal of all texts that address the issues of occupation, resistance and self-determination from the council’s agenda.

The statement added that other delegations close to the US and Israel supported the proposal that calls for abolishing these texts and lines, affirming that the approval of this proposal will make the Palestinian cause discussed limitedly every four years as requested by the delegations of Western countries or every year as asked by the Palestinian delegation (representing Abbas’s authority) in Geneva.

The organizations also noted that Israel, the US administration and their allies are also trying to make the UN investigation committees sent to probe war crimes subject to the approval of the security council.

They appealed to all member delegations to the UN human rights council to confront any proposals tabled in this regard.

Zio-American plot to abolish Palestinians’ right to resistance.

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