Hamas detainees go on hunger strike in Abbas’s jails

[ 13/11/2010 – 04:30 PM ]


AL-KHALIL, (PIC)– Hamas detainees in Jericho prison plan to go on hunger strike on the first day of Eid Al-Adha next Tuesday to protest the “criminal treatment” of PA security militias loyal to de facto Palestinian president Mahmoud Abbas despite court orders for their release.

The Palestinian Independent Commission for Human Rights quoted its representatives visiting detainees from Al-Khalil who were moved to Jericho jail as saying that they were tortured at the hands of Abbas’s militia.

The prisoners said that they were dangled upside-down from the ceiling of their cells and on other occasions their hands were tied to the ceiling other than being forced to sit in awkward positions for 17 consecutive hours.

Meanwhile, Abbas’s militia on Saturday arrested two ex-prisoners in Israeli jails affiliated with the Islamic Jihad movement in Kufr Ra’ee village, Jenin district, after storming their homes and confiscating their money and other personal property.

Local sources identified the two as Anas Walid, who served four years in Israeli jails, and Bilal Nabil, who served seven years in Israeli jails.

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Hamas detainees go on hunger strike in Abbas’s jails.

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