MK proposes transfer of Palestinians

[ 13/11/2010 – 04:13 PM ]


NAZARETH, (PIC)– Likud MK Carmel Shama has proposed the transfer of the biggest possible number of Palestinians in 1948 occupied Palestine into the Palestinian state in the event of its establishment.

Shama, addressing a seminar on Saturday, said that fanatic nationalism was growing in the midst of Arab population, adding that it was only a matter of time when the situation there explodes.

The Likud MK specifically mentioned the population of Um Al-Faham in north of occupied Palestine 1948.

For his part, Arab MK Talab Al-Sane called for a “criminal investigation” against Shama for suspicion of inciting racism. He added that Palestinians in the Triangle area would stay put while the fascists and racists would go to the “dustbin of history”.

In a similar note, Israel Beitenu MK Lia Shemtov was planning to table a new law with Knesset (Israeli parliament) making it imperative on any Arab to swear allegiance to Israel as a “democratic and Jewish state” as a prerequisite for his work or else he would be sacked from his job.

Shemtov told the Israeli radio that another law would be tabled binding members of local councils to take a similar oath.

She stressed that leader of her party Avigdor Lieberman, current foreign minister of Israel, strongly supports her draft laws.

MK proposes transfer of Palestinians.

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