Gaza Ministry slams Israeli plan to build massive synagogue in heart of J’lem

[ 14/11/2010 – 07:49 PM ]


GAZA, (PIC)– The Religious Affairs Ministry in Gaza reiterated its denouncement of Israel’s approval of a major Jewish synagogue to be built in the heart of the holy city, claiming that the plan is part of a series of synagogues aimed at Judaizing the Islamic holy sites and erasing the city’s archeological landmarks.

Religious Affairs Minister Talib Abu Sha’ar said Sunday that silence from Arabs, Muslims, and international organizations over the opening of the Kharab synagogue near the Aqsa Mosque six months back has given Israel the green light to continue plans to erect illegitimate synagogues in the area.

Abu Sha’ar said the Kharab synagogue has attracted more than 40,000 Jewish and foreign tourists.

The Israeli party responsible for building the new synagogue, dubbed Taf’urat Israel, is a Jewish neighborhood development company that has invested NIS 40 million into the project.

Abu Sha’ar, also president of the Jerusalem Committee, said the building of the 26-meter high Jewish temple is expected to stretch out over the next five years. Its height he says is intended to serve as an observation point overlooking all areas of Jerusalem in the region.

Gaza Ministry slams Israeli plan to build massive synagogue in heart of J’lem.

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