Hamas deputies call on PA to release political prisoners for holidays

[ 14/11/2010 – 04:05 PM ]


WEST BANK, (PIC)– Hamas lawmakers in the West Bank have called on Palestinian Authority security forces to release all political prisoners as the Eid holiday approaches.

The deputies appealed in a press statement Sunday to the PA militia to offer a goodwill gesture towards the people whose families were affected by the unjustified spree of arrests against resistance movement supporters in the West Bank.

“Since June 16, 2007 security services in the West Bank have been abducting Islamic movement supporters and placing them in prisons under the most severe torture. The continuation of detention of citizens in Palestinian security establishment prisons in the West Bank in addition to the different sorts of torture they are exposed to demonstrates a blatant violation of human rights in the stricken West Bank,” the Palestinian officials said.

Families of prisoners in the West Bank wrote Sunday to Fatah party leaders in an appeal for the release of their loved ones before the Eid celebrations.

The families highlighted that Israel was the one benefiting from the Palestinian division, and that the holiday was “a chance for Palestinians to turn the pages of the past”.

They went on to say that freeing the political prisoners would be a step in the right direction towards reconciliation and proof of good intention.

In a related context, exclusive sources told the PIC that a PA preventative security investigator placed the head of a detainee from northern Al-Khalil between his legs as other security elements from the preventative security beat him in the face with their shoes until he finally lost consciousness.

Preventative security elements reportedly visited the cell of the victim Mohammed al-Qashqesh’s while he was unconscious and the investigator asked detainees close to the victim if he was dead or still alive.

Hamas deputies call on PA to release political prisoners for holidays.

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