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No blockade able to prevent you from supporting Palestine!

NO BLOCKADE can prevent donating by wiring money to islamic relief for support of the Palestinians inside there. Please consider giving your Zakaat to Islamic Relief Palestine. Please consider donating them, they are doing very good job in Palestine Donate online:







UK center releases historic map of Palestine


Spanish News Agency EFE Admits Publishing 4-year-old Gaza Photos from Pro-Polisario Source that Falsely Identified Victims as Coming from W. Sahara


Our World: What the PA buys with American money


Second squadron of F-35s [free of charge] is ‘an offer hard to refuse’


‘Eye Witness Gaza’ to be Presented at BCC


US activists face new repression as political prisoners fight for justice


Deported by Israel, but not discouraged


Israeli Settlers Threaten Sheikh Jarrah


NY Groups to Protest Fundraising Cruise for Illegal Jewish Settlements in Hebron


Must-read piece on US efforts to criminalize Palestine, antiwar solidarity, by @Maureen_70 & @norabf for @intifada


avinunu: Must-read piece on US efforts to criminalize Palestine, antiwar solidarity, by @Maureen_70 & @norabf for @intifada



Egypt denies not cracking down on Gaza smuggling


Indonesia – Letter for Palestine Solidarity


avinunu: La Conquistadora says Israeli plan to pretend to stop settlements in exchange for no-strings billions “very promising”


avinunu: Of course! “Israel would be allowed to finish hundreds of apartments already under construction in the West Bank”


Turkish film on flotilla raid may anger Israel


IDF chief predicts Hezbollah takeover in Lebanon after probe,7340,L-3985075,00.html


avinunu: “Deported by Israel, but not discouraged” ~ @spirodon barred from Palestine by occupier. His account on @intifada


Israeli government seen accepting new settlement freeze


avinunu: Fake settlement “freeze” must be making these settlers cold, so they’re burning some Palestinian property to stay warm


avinunu: Another reason cultural boycott matters: Israel sponsoring “Zionist art” as a form of hasbara #BDS


Israel pardons 45 wanted Palestinians,7340,L-3985052,00.html


Obama’s Deal: Breakthrough for Israel-Palestine?


Gaza-Egypt border sealed for 6 days


Mondoweiss: Two Jewish groups at Columbia U regret to inform you that they can’t hear John Ging’s news from Gaza


Mondoweiss: US government offers Israel $1-billion-a-month weapons deal for another temporary settlement freeze


Mild earthquake hits occupied northern Palestine


New History or a New Mirage


“Independent” Palestine Turns 22, Palestinians Ambivalent


Plan for settlement freeze divides Israeli cabinet


Eyeing Iran, Israel slates missile shield for 2015


Soldiers Confiscate Company Equipment Of Detained Hamas Leader Believed To Be In Charge Of Finances


Arab League likely to reject partial 90-day freeze


Hanan Hever: The Demasking Law


HH the Emir, Palestinian President Exchange Eid Greetings


Ansar Al-Asra: The national division augmented Palestinian detainees’ suffering


avinunu: But fortunately, since the Palestinian Authority does not represent Palestinians, any “agreement” it makes with Israel is null and void.


Jenin center director: “I want to create hope”


Greek police release Tyrone Gaza activist


Hamas: ideological differences on security block reconciliation


This insistence will result in internationalizing the issue of the rights of Palestinian citizens of Israel. Also most helpful to us.


avinunu: RT @intifada: Why Palestinians may one day thank Netanyahu



Right-Wing Professor: Perhaps Netanyahu was never a Jew


When Fascism Masquerades as Populism


European campaign warns of believing Israel’s lies about easing Gaza siege


New exhibition opens for students in Gaza City


New Yorkers, Come Out Tuesday to Protest the Hebron Fund!


Massive protest in Sheikh Jarrah against displacement of Palestinians


Likud rebels turn to Rabbi Yosef,7340,L-3984924,00.html


Arab League may reject Israeli freeze


avinunu: More proof that main beneficiary of quisling Palestinian Authority is the Israeli occupier which it serves /v @falasteeni


Gaza power cuts reduced for holiday


avinunu: Siege “easing” update: Gaza power plant fires up second turbine to provide temporary relief during Eid al-Adha


avinunu: Israel professor: “perhaps Netanyahu was never a Jew” for agreeing to new fake settlement-freeze.


Gaza power cuts reduced for holiday


Egypt’s al-Ahram: Damascus meeting was a setback in reconciliation efforts


Butcher Barak wants to “to force the Palestinians to sit around the negotiating table.” Maybe he’ll try white phosphorus?


New wave of violence threatens peace, Israeli official warns


Gaza: Israeli Tanks and Gunboats Open Fire at Residents Homes


Prisoners freed in Gaza for holiday


MK Zoabi”: Haifi uni protects fascists,7340,L-3984873,00.html


Israel PM eyes slim majority for new freeze


Peace Now wants to collaborate with Lieberman


Turkish Film Could Further Strain Ties With Israel


Israel: Norway Funding Anti-Israeli Play


Mediterranean summit postponed over stalled Mideast talks


Gaza: Israeli Tanks and Gunboats Open Fire at Residents Homes


Palestine-Israel, So many locations of joint struggle frequently bring about an anniversary


Aqsa Foundation: New collapse in mosque caused by underground digging


Islamic thinker: Hamas resisting occupation according to Arab-Islamic agenda


Rights group slams U.S., Israel for obstructing Pal. right to self-determination


European campaign urges Egypt to facilitate entry of Hope aid to Gaza


Students Rally Against Ban on Israeli Arab MK


Israel raids home of alleged Hamas finance man


Gilo building plan of agenda,7340,L-3984852,00.html


Tensions rise in Ramon prison after guard insults Allah


Egypt denies it has prior idea about US stimulus package for Israel


Irish men held on Gaza ship freed


Gaza Ministry slams Israeli plan to build massive synagogue in heart of J’lem


Israeli Deputy PM: Wall Should Become Official Border For Israel


Palestinians “waiting for guarantees”,7340,L-3984796,00.html


Middle East peace starts with development


Palestinian Muslims to celebrate Eid-Al-Adha


Hebron: Israeli Forces Raid Homes and Mosque, Arrest Three


Israeli artillery, navy randomly shell east and west of foggy Gaza


In Wake of More Settlement Construction, Barak Says Israel Should Take American Offer


Erekat: Stop all settlements and we’ll talk


Greece frees Tyrone aid man in ship row


Gaza aid ship activists leave ship


Israel, no peace partner: Damascus


Uruguay formalizes relation with Palestine and plans representation in Ramallah


UK Peer: Israel feeds global terrorism


European campaign warns of believing Israel’s lies about easing Gaza siege


Israel: Norway inciting against us,7340,L-3984621,00.html


Students to protest ban on Flotilla MP


Palestine voices demand


In 6 weeks the settlers almost made up for the 10 months Settlement Freeze


Sabbah Report: Israeli Bannks profiteering from Occupation


avinunu: Zionism is Racism against Jews: Israel proposes separate marriage registry for sconverts


Media monopoly and Big Oil


From the outskirts of Gaza


Prof. Weiss: Perhaps PM was never a Jew,7340,L-3984586,00.html


Abbas aide: Freeze must be comprehensive


PA releases prisoners for Eid Al-Adha


Palestinians say settlers torched olive trees


Pilgrims pour into Mina camp from Mecca


Syria: Israel not a ‘partner for peace’


US hopeful of deal to break Mideast deadlock


Israel eyes new freeze


Palestinians against US proposal: Erekat


Sri Lanka SECURITY:: Sri Lanka extends U.S.$ 40,000 for educational development in Palestine.


Book Launch: Popular Resistance in Palestine


Palestine and the Fate of the United Nations


Greece frees two Irish aid workers in ship row


Israel cabinet to vote on US incentives


Haifa U. students protest ban on Israeli Arab MK who sailed on Gaza flotilla


Where will Palestine be?


Khalidi raises Palestine Question


Noam Chomsky: The betrayal of Gaza


Peace Now: Settlers have begun work on 1,629 new houses in six weeks since freeze ended

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