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Every day updating all news, sources and actual information about Gaza – Palestine, check also earlier notes since June 1th, 2010 with all news from worldwide newspapers and sources.

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Haniyeh: Christians share our pain, hope

Islamist group posts Hebrew-language threat online

Palestinian-Israelis flock to West Bank for Eid

IDF officer suspected of covering up Gaza killing

Ealing links with Palestine

Israeli Forces Arrest 13 in Safa Village

Israeli forces close village searching for Molotov thrower

Report: Unilateral land transfer angers villagers

IDF officer suspected of blocking probe into Gaza civilian death

US Officials: New Construction Freeze Must Include East Jerusalem

IDF officer suspected of blocking probe into Gaza civilian death

There could never be peace without a minimum of justice

Israel: Freeze deal with US nearly finalized,7340,L-3986589,00.html

Israeli Intelligence Suggests Exile of a Number of Prisoners

Prisoner swap proposal to release Israeli spy

After Journey from Palestine to Fanwood, Resident Helps Provide 37,000 Scholarships to Students

Qaeda-linked group threatens Israelis, in Hebrew

Israeli Army Invades a School in Hebron

Attorney General orders evacuation of “Beit Yonatan” settlement

“Cartoons in Conflict”: a New Approach to Israeli-Palestinian Dispute

Journalists Held After Covering Safa Village Arson

Israeli Troops Raid Beni Naim School, East of Hebron

Detention Bulletin Defence for Children October 2010 (PDF)

Israel’s government can restore reason to Sheikh Jarrah

Trailer: Valley of the Wolves Palestine

Half Netanyahu’s party against new freeze

How one man turned Israel’s Gaza blockade into a business opportunity

The Elders call for end to settlement construction

IDF confirms Army of Islam terrorist in Gaza killed

Israeli paper: Security coordination with Fatah working as planned

With Netanyahu bribe, Washington going for broke

Two Palestinians killed, three injured in Gaza car bombing (Roundup)

IDF officers: Talks failure may cause Fatah collapse,7340,L-3986210,00.html

avinunu: “Peace Process” Update: Israel carries out second extrajudicial execution in Gaza in as many weeks

IAF kills 2 terror operatives in Gaza strike

Palestinian killed in Israeli airstrike

Air Strike Hits Gaza City

avinunu: La déclaration pour un état en Palestine traduit en français (One State Declaration in French)

2 killed in Gaza strike

AG: Seal Jewish home in east Jerusalem,7340,L-3986174,00.html

Suspected Israeli air strike kills two, injures three in Gaza Strip

Top terrorist killed in Gaza strike,7340,L-3986173,00.html

Crash injures family in Hebron

New Yorkers Protest Fundraising Cruise for Illegal Hebron Settlements

66-year-old sentenced to 6 months in jail

Abbas briefed on US plan for new freeze

Palestinians celebrate Eid Al-Adha (GRAPHIC)

avinunu: Israel promises not to extrajudicially execute Fatah men in exchange for PA collaboration against Palestinian people

avinunu: “Palestinian Authority” collaborators tell a lot of lies to justify their treachery on behalf of the occupier

Group reports clashes near Gaza border

avinunu: @talmeyer They object to UN forces because they demand to return to Syria with the whole occupied Golan

Israel to end north Ghajar occupation

Obama’s bribe

Ereqat: ‘Abbas Refused Olmert’s Offer of a Palestinian State with a 6.5% Land Swap

Rather than say the words “occupied Syrian territory” NPR came up with absurd formula that Ghajaris are “Syrians with Israeli citizenship.”

Israeli Labour Minister :Israel Must Accept Extension of Settlement Freeze

Dubai’s top cop denies meeting Israeli police official

Only months to find Mid-East peace


avinunu: In Afghanistan, occupation forces are destroying villages in order to save them. Just like Vietnam!

Hamas Cell Was �Within a Hairsbreadth� of Assassinating Nablus Governor

Detained Palestinian Legislator Released

Israel “Pardons” 75 Fatah Fighters

Zionists Attack Meeting of Jewish Peace Group in California; 2 Injured

Israel approves pullout from border village

Stones injure Palestinian, Israeli drivers

Israeli Settlers Set Cultivated Fields Afire in Hebron

Palestine appreciates Patriarch’s efforts to resotre peace in the Holy Land

Report: Jewish Settlement in East Jerusalem – a Threat to Middle East Peace Negotiations

Two Arrested in Beit Awla, West of Hebron

PA says it foiled Hamas plot to kill governor

‘US, Israel no longer invincible’

Netanyahu Cabinet Toys with American Offer

De-Zionise Israel or live in Herrenvolk apartheid system

Israel rejects U.S. settlement freeze proposal without written guarantees

Islamic Jihad Fighters Clash With Israeli Troops in Gaza

Mishaal briefs Yemeni president on latest Palestinian developments

US official to brief PA on talks

IOA banishes Jerusalemite boy from his home for two weeks

Israel’s New Re-Zoning Plan for East Jerusalem

Three Palestinians Arrested Extinguishing Settler Fires in Safa Village

Is the American Public About to Toss Israel?

Palestinians: Terrorists fought off IDF with mortar shells

Settlers blamed for fire near Nablus

Israeli Police Arrest Two Settlers on Suspicion of Assaulting Palestinians

Israel isolating Sheikh Salah from the outside world

Israeli minister: Future borders must be based on wall and settlements

Israel awaits US letter outlining freeze terms

German Photographer’s Anti-Israel Paris Show: ‘Gaza 2010’

Islamic Jihad: Clash with Israeli forces in Gaza

Likud ministers sign anti-freeze letter,7340,L-3985851,00.html

Wadi Hilweh Information Center presents findings at children’s conference

Settlers Set Fire to Fields in Khirbet Safa Near Hebron

Palestinian Christians redefine narrative

Palestine: Obama Should Quit While he is Ahead

Gazans celebrate Eid al-Adha amid calls to end rift, lift blockade

Middle East’s Only Democracy Crushes Dissent

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