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Every day updating all news, sources and actual information about Gaza – Palestine, check also earlier notes since June 1th, 2010 with all news from worldwide newspapers and sources.


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Settlers to hold mass rally Sunday,7340,L-3987294,00.html


Won’t even apply in W Bank. “US…said it was implicit that the 90-day freeze applies to the West Bank, not E Jerusalem”


PRC armed wing: Israel preparing for war on Gaza


Troops in Gaza assault named on website


‘Lebanon to deploy troops in Ghajar’


Clash in Palestinian camp in Lebanon wounds 6


Palestine athlete Nader el Masri doesnt even have a shoestring budget – Sport – DNA


Poll: Most Palestinians view talks as precursor to 1 state,7340,L-3987277,00.html


In Beit Ummar, Israeli forces attack non-violent protest; 6 abducted


What, Really, is the Obama-Clinton Game Plan for Israel/Palestine?


Mock Israeli Checkpoint at Columbia University


Filasteen: Australians for Palestine BDS Manual


Window Into Palestine: Five Australian Unions Support BDS of Israel


Window Into Palestine: Protesting the Hebron Fund, I remember a long afternoon at a segregated swimming hole


Window Into Palestine: Canada’s Adbusters magazine and the Israel Lobby




Annie’s letters: The annual Palestinian olive harvest dates to antiquity and continues today much the way it has for centuries


Palestine Video: Bilin Weekly Demo 19.11.2010


Palestine Video: Nabi Saleh weekly Demo


Palestine Video: Francis Boyle on Hypocrisy in U.S. Academy


Jihad: Israel planning new war


Jerusalem is excluded from any settlement freeze


Silwan Youth Movement visits martyrs families for Eid


Israel confirms US put assurances in writing


Young Filmmakers Debut Work in Bethlehem


Mondoweiss: Check out Laila El-Haddad’s (@gazamom) new book Gaza Mom: Palestine, Politics, Parenting, and Everything In Between


avinunu: Veolia has waste contracts with Israeli settlements that dump on Palestinians (literally) Live at @russelltribunal


Netanyahu Under Increased Pressure from Settlers and Americans


Soldiers Fire Tear Gas at Heads of Protesters


Adbusters Magazine and the Israel Lobby


Cattle Smuggled into Gaza for Eid al-Adha


Israeli military attacks non-violent anti-Wall demos in Bil`in, Ni`lin, al-Ma’ssara and Nabi Saleh


Allenby crossing to accommodate post-eid rush


IOF soldiers killed 3 Palestinians in Gaza in November


Hamas Condemns Isrsael”s Decision to Imprison Al-Rumhi


Hamas on Qassam anniversary: Resistance is legitimate


Israeli authorities planning to eject 100,000 Palestinians from Jerusalem


US Will Increase Aid if Israel Renews Freeze


Gaza: Israel fighter jets attack Hamas tunnel


Photo exhibit shows conflict’s toll on Gaza residents


Dozens suffer breathing problems in IOF quelling of WB marches


Hamas MPs denounce military court verdict against senior PLC official


IOF artillery targets vicinity of Gaza airport


Israeli airstrikes on Gaza continue overnight


PFLP says projectiles fired toward Israel


Rafah crossing to resume operations Sunday


Raids on Madama see 4 detained


Friday in Ni’lin: Inside the Weekly Anti-Wall Protests


Six casualties as a result of Israeli shelling in the Gaza Strip


North London ‘Bin Veolia’ Campaign – act now – there is a 10th December deadline


President Obama Would Rather Kill Palestinians than Feed American Children


Israel and U.S. struggle to conclude settlement pact


‘US obstructs Palestinian statehood’


Israel reports hitting tunnel in Gaza


In photos: Palestine vs Golan


200 Israeli ‘war criminals’ named


PA intelligence detains radio manager


Stephen R. Shalom: anti-Semitism and the Israel-Palestine conflict – assessing the claim of double standards


In the dock on Israel


Stonewalling Goldstone


Rashid Khalidi and John Mearsheimer: Why have US efforts to deliver Israeli-Palestinian peace failed?



For Palestine



Dua for Palestine by Sheikh Mishary


Gaza kid witnesses


Palestine if every part of me


Gaza War Lies vs Facts


We will not go down – Song for Gaza


Only free men can negotiate


I am the resistance



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