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Every day updating all news, sources and actual information about Gaza – Palestine, check also earlier notes since June 1th, 2010 with all news from worldwide newspapers and sources.


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No blockade able to prevent you from supporting Palestine!

NO BLOCKADE can prevent donating by wiring money to islamic relief for support of the Palestinians inside there. Please consider giving your Zakaat to Islamic Relief Palestine. Please consider donating them, they are doing very good job in Palestine Donate online:






Arab League denounces home demolitions


Maan News Agency: 17 Palestinians injured in Bethlehem accident



Israel army says increase in Bedouin recruits


Palestine: The Holy Land is shrinking and vanishing


Israel demolishes mosque


Israel: Demolishing the Last Hope for Palestine


Tulkarem to send prisoners 250-meter letter


Mashaal: Resistance must be launched in West Bank,7340,L-3990537,00.html


Erekat demands UN intervention


HH the Emir, Khalid Mish”al Discuss Latest Developments On Palestinian Arena


18 European lawmakers arrive in Gaza


Israeli troops violently attack Bil’in and Ni’lin anti-wall marches


Israeli forces fire on Gaza fisherman


Israelis injure teenage scrap collector


Leftists ask Abbas to go to UN for statehood


Complicity in Torture: Part 2


PFLP accuses PA of holding many of its cadres in its jails


Prisoner Abul Haseen on hunger strike again because of delaying his due release


Totah: We prefer living in tents rather than in palaces away from OJ


PA: Female prisoner of Israel beaten in custody


Israelis occupying Arab homes in al-Quds


Gazans SMS complaints to governor


Israeli forces shoot child on Gaza border


Gaza aid activist Waseem Mughal denied entry to Egypt


Abu Marzouk: Fatah’s security engagements with the US, Israel are a real problem


Israeli soldiers wound 12-year-old boy in northern Gaza


Haneyya sends messages to foil Israeli military escalation



EU Delegation Visits Gaza


Israeli plan has Jerusalem ‘the home of two capitals’


U.S.-Israel relations: Netanyahu’s self-made problem


Israeli control of the media


Palestinian child injured in IOF shooting


avinunu: Today’s program at Palestine conference in Stuttgart


Bahar Embarks on foreign tour


Hamas: Demolition of mosques and villages reflects Zionist racist policies


Israel mulls rail link to West Bank settlement


Knesset right-winger calls for declaring O. J’lem capital for Jews


Palestinians demonstrate in Jerusalem against house appropriations


Rizka warns against accepting a state with temporary borders


Sabri condemns Israeli occupation attacks on the Silwan children


Abbas’s militia kidnap a number of pilgrims for meeting with Gaza pilgrims


IOF procrastinates in evacuating properties confiscated by settlers in al-Khalil


Army appoints new deputy chief of staff


Hamas: PA detains 10 supporters in latest raids


PA: Israel destroying Palestinian state


5 detained at Bethlehem village anti-wall rally


Egypt denies rumors that Dahlan is persona non grata


Road to Hope Convoy finally reaches Gaza


Israel trains fighter pilots in Italy


Israeli forces re-take Nablus during op


MK proposes bill to declare Jerusalem Jewish capital


Unity leader says trust, commitment key


DFLP demands public freedoms from Hamas in Gaza


Egypt seizes 14 tunnels along Gaza border


Gaza: Independents meet with Hamas for unity update


Palestinian lawmakers arrive in Khartoum


PFLP: Ambush attack on Israeli patrol in Gaza


Erdogan, Chavez, Mandela to visit Gaza sector


On a Canadian ship, an activist will head to Gaza again


Football still goes on: Palestine FA chief


Work begins on new Gaza sewage plant


Israel’s Third Periodic Report to the UN


Israeli bulddozers spread dispair



For Palestine



Dua for Palestine by Sheikh Mishary


Gaza kid witnesses


Palestine if every part of me


Gaza War Lies vs Facts


We will not go down – Song for Gaza


Only free men can negotiate


I am the resistance




Factsheets and Books




Facts on Palestine


The Massacres on Palestinian People


Factsheet Israel’s Colonial Policy


700.000 Palestinian Prisoners since 1967


Factsheet Jersualem, Ethnic Cleansing and Colonisation


Factsheet Palestine, Israel & Trade Union Movement


Factsheet Palestine – Israel : The Basic Facts


Factsheet Palestinian Refugees


OCHA Factsheet: Settler Violence


Factsheet: The blockade on Gaza | The Truth


Factsheet : The case of Sheikh Jarrah [October 2010]


Factsheet The Israeli Annexation of the Jordan Valley


Factsheet: The Nakba, Israelis war of Independance


Factsheet: The Right to return


Factsheet: The Truth about Gaza


Factsheet: BDS


Palestine Monitor Factbook


Stop the Wall Factbook




Recent Reports (2010)



Palestinian Whereabouts (IRIN) 2010


Map of Ethnically Cleansed destroyed and excisting Arab villages in Israel


OPT: Oxfam urges lifting of barriers to olive production


ISRAEL-OPT: Gaza food supplies strangled by 1,000-day blockade


In Brief: Avian flu outbreak prompts West Bank chicken cull


MIDDLE EAST: Environmentalists issue stark warning on River Jordan


OPT: Aid fleet bound for Gaza


OPT: West Bank health and economy up a bit, Gaza down





About the  Occupation | Occupation 101 | THE MOVIE



Part 11

Part 10

Part 09

Part 08

Part 07

Part 06

Part 05

Part 04

Part 03

Part 02

Part 01




About Israeli Propaganda |  Peace and propaganda and the Promised Land



Part 10

Part 09

Part 08

Part 07

Part 06

Part 05

Part 04

Part 03

Part 02

Part 01




Machsomim – Checkpoints and Daily Harrassement


Checkpoint Part 1 |


Checkpoint Part 2 |


Checkpoint Part 3 |


Checkpoint Part 4 |


Checkpoint Part 5 |


Checkpoint Part 6 |


Checkpoint Part 7 |


Checkpoint Part 8 |


Obstacles on course to school


Machsom Watch – Women against the Occupation and for Human Rights


Machsom Watch Photogalleries@Flickr about atrocities at checkpoints

Websites about Palestine, Human Rights, History and more



Al-Awda, The Palestine Right to Return Coalition


End the Siege


Palestinian Human Rights Center Gaza


Al Dameer for Human Rights | Arabic


Al Dameer for Human Rights | English


Palestine Remembered – The Facts & More


HaMoked, Center for Defence of the Individual


The Electronic Intifada


Palestine Solidarity Campaign


The Free Gaza Movement


Sabbah Report: Because silence is Complicity


Israeli occupation


Gaza speaks



IOA Warcrimes and massacres on Palestinians




The Gaza Massacre


The Intifada’s


War Crimes by Israel 1


War Crimes by Israel 2


War Crimes by Israel 3


The real holocaust




Torture by IOA on Palestinians



Torture is prohibited by international law. Despite this, Israeli forces don’t hesitate to torture Palestinians when they interrogate them. The victims are young aged fourteen to seventeen. The police arrested them at their homes in the midd…le of the late night and took them to the police station in Gush Etzion, where police interrogators tortured them until morning.

The methods of torture include: Forcing the minors to stand in painful positions for prolonged periods; Beating the minors severely for many hours, at times with the use of various objects; Splashing cold water on the detainees in the facility’s courtyard in wintry conditions; Pushing the minor’s head into the toilet bowl and flushing the toilet; Making death threats; Cursing and degrading the minors.

Over the years, torture was particularly prevalent in interrogations by the General Security Service(GSS). Since the Landau Commission recommendations were issued, in 1987, GSS interrogators tortured during interrogations at least 850 Palestinians a year. The methods included violent shaking, painful tying up, covering the head with a smelly sack.

Bassem’s Torture

Why are you crying?

Khiam Prison was hell for many Palestinian prisoners

Inhuman treatment is giving to Marwan Barghouti

Torture and inhuman treatment of Palestinian prisoners

Torture and maltreatment of children in Israeli prisoners


Palfacts – IOA Breaking young man’s bones with bricks


Israeli Torture


B’Tselem on Torture


Israel Torture Palestinian Children by Electric-Shocking


Shooting and Electric-Shocking of Palestinian Children




Israeli torture methods illegal


Israeli methods of torture unveiled


PA urges Israel to stop torture in “all forms”



Human Rights

Defence for Children – Palestine


Addameer [AR]











Al Mezan Human Rights


Prison Destroyed His Dreams: Ma’moun Dar Issa, Victim of Three Dark Years







The Israeli Attacks on Gaza: Day by Day


Occupation 101:


Who Profts: Exposing the occupying Industry


Report: Repression allowed, resistance denied


Or direct download of the full report:


Israeli racism in theory and practice | Report


The cultural genocide of Palestine


The Israeli Genocide in Palestine


Israel Domestic Ticking Time Bomb | Report


Friends of Al Aqsa | Photogallery


Virtual Tour of Al Aqsa Mosque




Support Palestine and its People



Childs Rights Monitor


Defence for Children Palestine


Islamic Relief Gaza


Islamic Relief Palestine


Facts on Palestine


Sponsor an Orphan



About the Apartheid Wall

Stop The Wall

(Anti) Zionism


Zionist Children, response to hasbara (Zionist propaganda)


Jews Against Zionism – Neturei Karta Worldwide Website


Jews Against Zionism – Neturei Karta Worldwide  Gallery



Jews For Justice For Palestinians


Judaism and Zionism  | Part 1 of 5


Judaism and Zionism  | Part 2 of 5


Judaism and Zionism  | Part 3 of 5


Judaism and Zionism  | Part 4 of 5


Judaism and Zionism  | Part 5 of 5


Judaism vs Zionism



Boycot Israel Products



Family Separation by IOA Policies


Israel to make Palestinians take pledge of allegiance


All reports about Family seperation from several Human Rights organisations


Creation of the problem of family separation in the Occupied Territories


Documentary: Policy Separates Palestinian Families


Documentary: Policy Separates Palestinian Families



Israel’s Permit System



B’Tselem: “Permit System to Cross Separation Barrier is Racist”


Israel’s Permit System


Israel’s ID/Permit System… an element of Israeli apartheid


Restrictions on Movement and related documents


Zionism is not Judaism

Demonstrations: Jews against Zionism


Israel is a racist colonizing Nation- Hayo Meyer, Holocaust Surviver

Israel is a Racist, Colonizing Nation – The Unmentionable said by Auschwitz Survivor Hajo Meyer


Zionists won’t let you see this on your TV!


The difference between Jews and Zionist


Zionism vs Judaism



Judaism and Zionism  | Part 1 of 5


Judaism and Zionism  | Part 2 of 5


Judaism and Zionism  | Part 3 of 5


Judaism and Zionism  | Part 4 of 5


Judaism and Zionism  | Part 5 of 5





Water Crisis in Gaza



Water Crisis in Gaza: How Occupation Affects Palestinians Access to Water (and healthrisks of polluted water [2005]


The Water Crisis in Gaza [2007]


Israeli siege creates drinking water crisis in Gaza [2008]


Israel keeping Gaza parched, Amnesty International says [2009]


Attack on water brings sanitation crisis


Water supplied in Gaza unfit for drinking; Israel prevents entry of materials needed to repair system [Aug 2010]


Gaza subjected to air strikes, water crisis [Sept 2010]

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