Detainees in Jericho jail on hunger strike to death in protest at violations

[ 28/11/2010 – 10:51 AM ]


JERICHO, (PIC)– Palestinian detainees from Hamas Movement in the Jericho prison administrated by the Palestinian authority (PA) went on open hunger strike until death in protest at the serious violations committed against them by interrogators and jailers.

Sources close to the families of these prisoners said that the brutal practices used against them over two years and the humiliation they are exposed to prompted them to take such step.

In a statement on Saturday, the families held de facto president Mahmoud Abbas and his security apparatuses fully responsible for the lives of their sons and appealed to Palestinian human rights organizations to intervene to have them released from PA jails.

In a separate context, head of the association of Palestinian scholars Marwan Abu Ras described the violations committed by the PA security militias against Palestinian women in the West Bank as a humanitarian, national and religious crime, which causes damage to the Palestinian unity.

Abu Ras added in a press release on Saturday that the lies fabricated by the PA security militias against Palestinian women can deceive nobody because they are notorious for distorting the facts and had an ugly history in Gaza.

He stated that the PA security apparatuses follow the Zio-American dictates and were established only to protect the security of the Israeli occupation.

In this context, the PA militias kidnapped four Palestinian citizens affiliated with Hamas in the cities of Tulkarem and Bethlehem, according to local sources on Sunday.

For their part, a number of Palestinian recently released from Nablus jails reported that the PA interrogators in Juneid prison use brutal torture methods in order to force them to make false confessions about the alleged attempt to assassinate the governor of Nablus city.

They confirmed they heard PA interrogators threatening prisoners to confess they wanted to kill the governor or they would be killed in a fabricated way similar to what happened previously to other Hamas detainees.

In a related context, PA minister of interior Sa’eed Abul Rab told the London-based Al-Hayat newspaper that the ongoing security cooperation between the PA and Israel is between an authority under occupation and the occupation authority.

Abu Rab claimed that this cooperation is intended to organize the daily life in the occupied Palestinian territories and not to exchange information.

The PA official added that this coordination helps facilitate the movement of Palestinians in the occupied lands where there are more than 460 Israeli military checkpoints, noting that even PA chief Mahmoud Abbas cannot move outside Ramallah city without prior coordination with Israel.

Detainees in Jericho jail on hunger strike to death in protest at violations.

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