Hamas: Demolition of mosques and villages reflects Zionist racist policies

[ 26/11/2010 – 06:43 PM ]


DAMASCUS, (PIC)– Hamas strongly condemned what it called “IOF thuggish behaviour” against the Palestinian people in the villages of the Jordan valley and the Negev, the last of which was the demolition of the village mosque in Yazra in the West Bank.

The IOF on Thursday morning raided the village of  Yarza near the Northern Jordan Valley city of Tubas,  demolished the village mosque and handed out demolition notices against ten homes in the village. The neighboring village of Abu Al-Ajjaj was torn down one day earlier.

Hamas said in a statement on Thursday “We, in the Hamas movement,  strongly condemn the thuggery of the Zionist army against our people in the Jordan valley villages and the Negev, and consider its criminal act today, which comes one day after the demolition of Abu Al-Ajjaj village as an expression of Zionist racist policies driven by sheer hate and based on violating the rights of the Palestinian people through deportation, forceful expulsion and demolishing mosque and homes in favour of Jewish settlement projects .”

The movement stressed that the occupation crime of demolishing the mosque which has been standing for 40 years is but one in a chain of aggressions on houses of worship and reflects a war on heavenly religions and the holy places associated with them in contravention of all international conventions.

Hamas called on the Palestinian people to unite against the occupation onslaught on mosques and holy places and on the Organisation of the Islamic Conference, the Arab League and the United Nations to play their role in defending human rights and places of worship.

Hamas: Demolition of mosques and villages reflects Zionist racist policies.

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