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Every day updating all news, sources and actual information about Gaza – Palestine, check also earlier notes since June 1th, 2010 with all news from worldwide newspapers and sources.

وسلام عليكم و رحمة الله و بركاته

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US briefed Palestinians on Wikileaks cache

US embassy cables: Israeli optimism erodes in face of regional enemies

US embassy cables: Mossad chief wants to ‘detach’ Syria from Iran

US embassy cables: Hillary Clinton woos prickly Egyptians

US embassy cables: Egypt spy chief promises pressure on Hamas

US embassy cables: US treasury pledges Obama will pressure Iran

US embassy cables: Iran bent on nuclear bomb, Israel warns

US embassy cables: Qatar urges Israeli-Palestinian peace effort

US diplomats spied on UN leadership

US embassy cables: Abu Dhabi favours action to prevent a nuclear Iran

Israel army admits to false alarm on Gaza rocket

Israel recruits citizen advocates in Europe

avinunu: Israeli officer on “war criminal” list “offended” by letter, but not by severed head of child killed by Israel in Gaza

avinunu: Routine violence, never  condemned by US/EU: Israeli occupation forces  shoot child in occupied Gaza Strip
avinunu: Routine violence which US/EU  support: Israeli siege forces shoot, injure  Palestinian fisherman in Gaza

Crossing the Line: Inside the Israeli Anarchists Against the Wall

Israel approves detention camp for job-seekers from Africa

Is Israel “Shrinking”?

Fires extinguished in Jenin

Wulff: Germany ‘responsible’ for Israeli security

Mishaal calls for resistance in the West Bank

Detainees in Jericho jail on hunger strike to death in protest at violations

Fatah: 4 party supporters detained in Gaza

PA health minister hosts Quartet delegation

Israeli gunfire wounds four Gazans: medics

Fayyad: We have undercut pervasive despair,7340,L-3990771,00.html

Israel can’t put occupation up for immoral referendum

Palestine Remembered

IDF officers get photo of dead child,7340,L-3990611,00.html

Rabbi okays renting apartments to Arabs,7340,L-3990204,00.html

freegazaorg: IDF Officers Believe Cast Lead ‘War Criminal List” Leaked Internally

AIPAC Spying, Why Is The FBI Looking The Other Way?

Exposing Israel’s Fraudulent Third Periodic Report to the UN

Tel Aviv bars Vananu trip for award

Amnesty: Israel condemned over Bedouin village demolition

Dublin Food Co-Op passes Israeli boycott motion–[forwarded

Talks in Deadlock as Israel Continues Measures on the Ground [November 21 – November 27]

Britain To Act Against Arrest Warrants Targeting Israeli Officials

Israel Set to Vote on Holding Facility for ‘Infiltrators’

Calling For Any Apology Action on Balfour

Netanyahu plans building a large detention centre at the border with Egypt

17 Palestinians Wounded Near Bethlehem

Visiting European parliamentary delegation demands an end to Gaza siege

Khatib: Release of Sheikh Salah early next month

4 injured from IDF fire in Gaza,7340,L-3990711,00.html

Memories and maps keep alive Palestinian hopes of returnRefugees remain the most intractable issue of the Middle East conflict, as two new books show

Israel bulldozers Fayyad’s freedomroad

Life in Hebron

Worker shot on Gaza border

Two Detainees In Israeli Prisons Start Hunger Strike

Fayyad named among 100 ‘top global thinkers’

Hamas Prisoners In Jericho Start Hunger Strike

Haneya: Gaza still under Israeli siege despite relaxations

Turkish FM says he envisions one Israeli-Palestinian state under Ankara’s protection

Israel Attacks Southern Gaza

Britain prepares for Wikileaks barrage

Strawberries to be exported from Gaza

Erdogan, Chavez, Mandela to visit Gaza sector

Mustafa Barghouthi: Our Story

avinunu: Suspected murderers of Palestinian Amer. activist Alex Odeh in 1985 fled to Israel which still hinders FBI probe

Israeli fire wounds three Palestinians in Gaza

Why I’m Building Palestine

Hamas condemns PA-Israel talks

Police exonerate Israeli officer who shot canister that hit U.S. activist’s eye

The Original Sin

Keep Your Promises, Mr. President

PressTV – ‘Road to Hope’ aid convoy arrives in Gaza.flv

Bil’in Demo 26 nov 2010-11-28

PCHR Report: 2 Killed. 18 wounded by Israeli forces

“Pathways to Palestine” cyclists reach Gaza border

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