Prisoner Abul Haseen on hunger strike again because of delaying his due release

[ 27/11/2010 – 01:47 PM ]


GAZA, (PIC)– Palestinian prisoner Shadi Abul Haseen, from Gaza Strip, declared his intention to resume his hunger strike next Tuesday in protest at not releasing him after he finished serving his sentence in August 2010 at the pretext he has no Palestinian ID.

Director of the prisoners’ center for studies Rafat Hamdouna condemned the Israeli occupation authority for delaying the release of Abul Haseen and keeping him in prison without justification.

Hamdouna appealed to all parties concerned about prisoners’ affairs, especially the Red Cross to follow up the legal position of prisoner Abul Haseen and work on releasing him from Israeli jails.

For their part, the Palestinian prisoners in Nafha prison went on hunger strike on Friday for only one day to protest the persistent search raids that are carried out by Israeli military units on their sections.

Spokesman for the high national committee for the support of prisoners Riyadh Al-Ashqar said that Israeli troops stormed on Thursday morning the sections 10 and 14, assembled the prisoners in another section and embarked on ransacking things inside their rooms before they found a cell phone used by the prisoners to contact their families as a result of the restrictions imposed on family visits.

In a separate incident, the high national committee said that the Israeli troops stormed section C5 in Negev prison and carried out a thorough search inside it at the pretext of looking for banned stuff.

The prison administration confiscated prisoners’ belongings in this section and decided to deprive them of seeing their families for one month.

The committee also reported that the Israeli administration of Nafha prison transferred Gazan prisoners Fahd Al-Zaqzaq and Bassim Al-Kurd to the jails of Eshel and Ramon. Both of them are serving life imprisonment.

For its part, the Israeli administration of Hadarim prison extended the solitary confinement of Mohamed Arman, a prominent leader of Al-Qassam Brigades, after it summoned him for interrogation once again, according to the high national committee.

The committee said that prisoner Arman was subjected to a new round of interrogation sessions that started last week.

Arman was captured eight years ago in occupied Jerusalem on a charge of leading what was described then as the most dangerous cell of Al-Qassam Brigades and now he is serving 36 life sentences.

Prisoner Abul Haseen on hunger strike again because of delaying his due release.

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