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Every day updating all news, sources and actual information about Gaza – Palestine, check also earlier notes since June 1th, 2010 with all news from worldwide newspapers and sources.


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Filasteen: WikiLeaks: Arab leaders urge the US to do their dirty work


Palestine Video: Medecins Sans Frontieres: Gaza Healthcare system crippled by the embargo




Mondoweiss: French firm Veolia reported to drop out of E. Jerusalem rail project under int’l pressure


Australian Democracy on the Israel Lobby’s Leash


Liberal Jewish organization sidelines Jewish Voices for Peace


OIC delegation arrives in Gaza


Palestinian gov’t: Fatah responsible for barring entry of its leaders to Gaza


avinunu: Israel gave Abbas advance warning of massacre in Gaza, but Abbas kept his treacherous mouth shut. #collaborators


avinunu: How many lives could have been saved if the treacherous Abbas had revealed the imminent Israeli attack to the people of Gaza?


Golan Leaders Disown Likud MK Ayyoub Qarra


freegazaorg: I favorited a YouTube video — Image if London was occupied like Palestine


Israeli forces assault 7 year old Palestinian in Silwan


Mishaal discusses with Larijani Palestinian reconciliation


French NGOs call for financing an aid ship to Gaza


Hamas: Partitioning of Palestine null and void


Wikileaks: Israel assessed Abbas as weak, unpopular


Daily Roundup: One Arrested in Hebron, New Settlements Planned in Jerusalem


Germany Builds Police Stations in Palestinian Areas


avinunu: US diplomats ordered to spy on Palestinian officials including credit card and frequent flyer numbers #cablegate



Mondoweiss: Yehoshua: ‘I as a man of the left would support drastic transfer’ (expelling Palestinians)


avinunu: RT @jmalsin: Russian FM Lavrov ‘argued that Hamas had stuck by the Gaza cease-fire’ #cablegate #Gaza


avinunu: Why did the Israeli-backed Abbas-Fayyad PA work so hard to help Israel bury the Goldstone Report?



Israel approves 130 new settler units



A Palestinian Boy Arrested Near Hebron


avinunu: Abbas PA denying #cablegate claim, even though it openly “coordinates” Israeli invasions of West Bank towns daily


A glimpse of respite for Gaza’s Strawberry farmers


IOF troops raid northern Gaza, round up more West Bankers


IOA expels Palestinian families from their homes in OJ


War through a Palestinian’s eyes


I am the Resistance


Palestine فلسطين Dying to live. Only free men can negotiate.


I resist


LITERALLY BREAKING THE LAW WITH THEIR OWN HANDS « Desertpeace « 62 Years Occupation is Enough |



Baby Martyr…



Checkpoint Part 1


Checkpoint Part 2


Checkpoint Part 3


Checkpoint Part 4


Checkpoint Part 5


Checkpoint Part 6


Checkpoint Part 7


Checkpoint Part 8



10 Media lies


Fighters Fire Mortar

s At Invading Troops In Gaza


Netanyahu appoints Mossad veteran to head spy agency





Israeli Forces Arrest Four Palestinians


UN Report Uncovers Israeli Efforts to Drive Palestinians from Jerusalem


Beyond Green Line: Apartments instead of hotel,7340,L-3991490,00.html


Palestine told of impending Gaza war – Times LIVE


WikiLeaks: Netanyahu said no peace with right of return


Egyptians deny new deal to sell natural gas to Israel


Abdullah Hourani, former PLO leader, dies in Jordan


avinunu: Mossad boss in 2007: without Israeli military support for Abbas PA, Hamas would overthrow it in a month


Spanish activists send protest messages to Israeli officers


UN Day of Solidarity marked


Islamic Jihad ‘shells’ Israeli tanks in Gaza


APA urged to face Palestine challenges


Real tragedy in Gaza is what people don’t see


Wikileaks: Abbas Rejected Israeli Offer to Coordinate War on Gaza


The Region is no longer at the Disposal of America and other International Powers


Fatal diplomacy


Iran: Scientist killed by ‘Zionist agents’,7340,L-3991268,00.html


Israel consulted Egypt, Fatah on Gaza war: WikiLeaks


Hamas Prevents Two Fatah Leaders From Entering Gaza


Israel army detains 15-year-old


Hamas: PA detains 8 supporters


Israel to peddle message through third parties


A military-industrial-media complex


Use your taxes to help Palestine


The Truth Hurts: US Says New WikiLeaks Release ‘Most Damaging’ Yet


Washington to PA: “Don’t Over React Over WikiLeaks Documents`


‘Israel bargaining with US to get more’


EU, OIC delegates arrive in Gaza Strip


Kevin Neish’s cross-Canada tour gives boost to Palestine solidarity


‘Germany committed to Israel’s security’


Israel tries to clean up its image abroad


Abbas Questions Israel”s Desire to Stop Settlement Activity


Gideon Levy: Israel can’t put occupation up for immoral referendum


Fatah official issued deportation order


Leaked cable: Israel consulted PA prior to Gaza war


WikiLeaks: Israel wanted PA to take Gaza,7340,L-3991155,00.html


6100 Palestinians in Israeli Jails


Hamas: Fatah’s fabrications to cover Abbas’s security practices


Israel to build 625 settlement units east of O. Jerusalem


Blair: Israel must do more to ease Gaza blockade


Netanyahu: Israel won’t be center of WikiLeaks release





Palestinian young woman severely tortured by Israeli soldiers from Nahshon unit


WikiLeaks says it is under cyber attack


Gaza security forces deny entry to Fatah officials


Soldiers ‘confiscate shirt’ from Palestinian


Hebron declared free of settlement produce


French firm drops out of rail project,7340,L-3991032,00.html


Israel opens fire on more Gazans


Stop Raping Palestine: “End U.S. Aid to Israel” —


Dissident Veteran For Peace: Newport Ymerodraeth State of Mind


Window Into Palestine: Hitler looked to Genocide of American Indians as Model & Zionist Jews went from there


Filasteen: BDS: CJPME launches “We’re not buying it”


Palestine Video: Dr Ilan Pappe on the Origins and Impact of Zionism


Filasteen: BDS: “Freeing Palestine, Freeing Ourselves”


Filasteen: Quote of the day


Filasteen: Should/Will Clinton tender her resignation?


Ramallah Online: WikiLeaks exposé: Israel tried to coordinate Gaza war with Abbas


Under My Olive Tree: Update 3: Um Kayed Family


Ramallah Online: Will the Palestinian Authority declare an independent state… or collapse?


Mounadil al Djazaïri: Californie: découverte d’un arsenal terroriste chez un citoyen lambda (c’est-à-dire pas Musulman).


Palestine Video: Israel increases judaization activities in al-Quds [Jerusalem]


Palestine Video: Water Theft – Israeli settlers take over West Bank springs


Window Into Palestine: Candidly speaking: The de-Zionization of Anglo Jewry


Window Into Palestine: As the proverb says…..






Palestine Video: Israeli Occupation Army Shot and Wounded 4 Palestinians in Gaza


Middle East Post: The Stranger in Thine Midst


مجزرة مسجد فلسطين 1994


Palestinian mosque massacre


Israel-Palestine: The Missing Headlines: Stealing Success Tel Aviv Style


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