PA militia kidnaps professor Douqan from his home

[ 30/11/2010 – 10:34 AM ]


NABLUS, (PIC)– A Security militia from the Palestinian authority (PA) kidnapped Monday evening professor Ghassan Douqan, a lecturer at Al-Najah university, after a violent raid on his home in Ma’ajeen neighborhood in Nablus city.

The security militias summoned Douqan immediately after he was released from Israeli jails a few days ago after he spent three years in administrative detention.

Douqan was a close friend of slain Hamas political leader Jamal Mansour and he is a professor of education and psychology and published dozens of studies and academic research papers.

In another context, the reception ceremonies held for the Palestinians released from Israeli jails has changed in the West Bank, where the PA security militias there receive them on behalf of their families and acquaintances and take them to detention centers in order to interrogate and torture them.

Mu’aad, the son of Al-Qassam commander Yousuf Al-Sarkaji, was one of those prisoners who were kidnapped from their homes a few days after their release from Israeli jails.

The joy of Mu’aad’s mother to see him lasted few days when she decided to let him travel to Jordan for fear he could be captured by the PA militias, but he was detained by Israeli troops at a checkpoint on his way to Jordan and was handed to the PA militias which detained him before releasing him and then kidnapping him the other day during a violent raid on his home.

His mother expressed concern for the life of her son and said she knows nothing about him and is still unable to see him.

For its part, the Palestinian center for defending prisoners also expressed its deep concern for the lives of Palestinian detainees in PA jails in the West Bank, especially after a number of them went on hunger strike in protest at the serious violations committed against them.

The center said in a statement on Monday that this kind of detention is a violation of the Palestinian law which criminalizes any arrest taking place against the backdrop of resistance or political activities.

It strongly denounced the PA security for kidnapping two Palestinian women, Tamam Abu Assaud and Maytham Salawda and expressed fears that these two ladies and others are exposed to torture and maltreatment according to human rights reports.

The center also slammed the detention and torture of ex-detainees released from Israeli jails and the military trials which were held by the PA against Palestinian prisoners still in Israeli jails, and demanded the PA to stop these violations.

In this context, hundreds of Palestinian citizens participated in a protest outside the Red Cross headquarters on Monday in Gaza to demand the PA to end its political arrests and release all men and women from its jails.

According to local sources on Tuesday, the PA security militias kidnapped 20 Palestinian citizens affiliated with Hamas in the cities of Nablus, Jenin, Al-Khalil and Qalqiliya. Among the detainees were journalist Sami Al-Asi, professor Ghassan Douqan and head of the municipal council in Samo’a town Jamal Abul Jadayel.

PA militia kidnaps professor Douqan from his home.

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