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Every day updating all news, sources and actual information about Gaza – Palestine, check also earlier notes since June 1th, 2010 with all news from worldwide newspapers and sources.


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A Prosaic Speech Of Solidarity with Israel


URGENT: War criminals not welcome here


Palestine – Jewish Rights Undermined By Media Indulgence


Hamas: Abbas betrayed prisoners with Shalit comment


Corporations found guilty at Russell Tribunal second session


Cleaning House Essential for Mideast Peace


Clashes in East Jerusalem’s Al-Isawiya neighborhood



Contentious Palestinian Western Wall ‘study’ taken offline


Davutoglu Discusses Genocide Bill, Israel With Members of Congress


Dutch government welcomes first export from Gaza


Fayyad denounces Greek Orthodox church decision


Hamas accuses PA, Israel of cooperating to remove it from W. Bank


Hamas demands clarification about Wikileaks revelations


Carnations from Gaza allowed over the border


EU Parliamentarians Open Danish House in Palestine


Mishaal: End foreign intervention to accelerate reconciliation


Palestine has no alterntaive to peace talks with Israel – Abbas


Partition Tremors Felt Even Today


International Solidarity Movement: International Day of Solidarity in Gaza greeted with bullets in Beit Hanoun


Ramallah Online: The United States has long supported brutal regimes around the world


Window Into Palestine: The Only Real Threat to the World is Israel, America and any other Zionist Puppet


Ramallah Online: The folly of the Israeli AND Arab approach to Iran


Sabbah Report: A distorted revolution

Hamas leader denies al Qaeda is operating in Gaza


Lawyers for aid flotilla victims urge ICC action


APA Call for Israel”s Withdrawal from all Occupied Arab Territories


Six Arrested During Israeli Military Raids in the West Bank


Warning of Israeli housing plot to expel Palestinians from Old Acre


Haniyeh: Israel planning Gaza escalation


Belgium Donates 600,000 Euros to Help Palestinian Refugees


MADA Center and the UNESCO Ramallah Office Sign Partnership Agreement


Gazan Worker Injured After Being Shot by Israeli Troops


Report: Egypt financing underground Gaza wall




avinunu: Interesting article on the disarray within the US Zionist community on how to defend apartheid Israel /via @PalFreedom


EXCLUSIVE: Gaza wall to be completed this month, says new WikiLeaks





IOF troops detain 7 Palestinians, settlers set fire to cultivated land


Germany urged US to threaten Israel with UN vote


53% of Israeli Jews support encouraging emigration of Palestinians


Human rights and aid organizations call for international action to end Gaza siege


Aqsa foundation warns of massive storming of Aqsa


British grandfather of Jordan king dies


Book review: excavating Palestine’s “Hidden Histories”


PA erases post from its website refuting Jewish claims to Buraq wall


Israel unveils technology to deal with rockets


Abbas sees possible Thursday news on settlement freeze


Mondoweiss: Coming soon from @nationbooks – The Goldstone Report: The Legacy of the Landmark Investigation of the Gaza Conflict


Gazans head to Algeria for prisoners conference


Hamas condemns Rajoub’s detention as violation of int’l law


Israeli forces abduct Hamas lawmaker


Citizens clashed with police after demolishing home in OJ


IOF arrests Palestinian mother while visiting her detained brother


Kuwait Warns Conditions in Palestinian Territories May Undermine Global Peace


The Other Britain Steps in the Right Direction


Fatah and Hamas haven’t set next meeting


Israel slams unilateral declaration of Palestine


Arab Orthodox orgs slam church-Israel ‘collaboration’


Israeli police acknowledge interrogating around 1200 Palestinian children in OJ


Fatah slams Hamas ban on delegation to Gaza


Court charges Arab Israeli with aiding Hamas


Britain placates Israel with war crimes arrest law change


WikiLeaks exposes Egypt’s duplicity in Gaza siege


China Calls On Israel to End Settlement Activity


JCSER: “Israeli Police Used Dogs In Attacking Homeowners In Jerusalem”


Abbas: “We Are Ready For Real Peace, We Demand A Fully Independent State”


Expert: PA shouldn’t delay ratifying penal code


Hamas: PA detains 8 party members


16 year-old Palestinian reports abuse by Israeli interrogators


2 Palestinians detained in Nablus raid


Arrest warrant for WikiLeaks chief as chaos spreads


Report: Light earthquake hits northern Dead Sea


Humanitarian Aid Chain from Spain to Gaza


Israel’s Lieberman: Erase ‘freeze’ from vocabulary


Hamas would honor referendum on peace with Israel


Reports: Settlers Bulldoze 60 Dunums near Hebron; Gaza Worker Injured by Gunfire


Gaza cop gets death penalty for manslaughter


Israeli forces enter homes in northern West Bank


Action Alert: Write Defence for Children – Silwan Children are Targeted


Targeting Silwan’s children


Knesset blocks WikiLeaks debate


Israelis unleash dogs on Palestinians


Palestinian Woman Kidnapped While Visiting Detained Brother


Palestinian Home Demolished In Jerusalem, Clashes Reported


Iran Confronts The Israeli Crimes At UN


Mondoweiss: Maybe the internet hasn’t killed Israeli PR just yet: An interview w/ Curtis Brown abt social media & Israel/Palestine


Cuba Slams US and Israeli Policies against Palestine



For Palestine



Dua for Palestine by Sheikh Mishary


Gaza kid witnesses


Palestine if every part of me


Gaza War Lies vs Facts


We will not go down – Song for Gaza


Only free men can negotiate


I am the resistance




Factsheets and Books




Facts on Palestine


The Massacres on Palestinian People


Factsheet Israel’s Colonial Policy


700.000 Palestinian Prisoners since 1967


Factsheet Jersualem, Ethnic Cleansing and Colonisation


Factsheet Palestine, Israel & Trade Union Movement


Factsheet Palestine – Israel : The Basic Facts


Factsheet Palestinian Refugees


OCHA Factsheet: Settler Violence


Factsheet: The blockade on Gaza | The Truth


Factsheet : The case of Sheikh Jarrah [October 2010]


Factsheet The Israeli Annexation of the Jordan Valley


Factsheet: The Nakba, Israelis war of Independance


Factsheet: The Right to return


Factsheet: The Truth about Gaza


Factsheet: BDS


Palestine Monitor Factbook


Stop the Wall Factbook

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