Wide campaign to brief European officials on reality of Israel’s siege on Gaza

[ 02/12/2010 – 10:58 AM ]


BRUSSELS, (PIC)– The European campaign to end the siege initiated a comprehensive campaign to brief the officials of the European union on the reality of Israel’s blockade imposed on the Gaza Strip for the fifth consecutive year.

This campaign will be launched in response to Israel’s attempts to convince the world public opinion of its claims about easing the blockade.

The European campaign said its new efforts are aimed at exposing Israel’s allegations about alleviating its siege on Gaza and revealing the truth about the humanitarian situation there.

More than 20 international human rights organizations confirmed recently that the Israeli blockade imposed on Gaza is still unchanged.

In another incident, a delegation of the European parliament led by Irish lawmaker Proinsias De Rossa toured on Tuesday Silwan district in occupied Jerusalem, especially Sheikh Jarrah neighborhood and visited the Jerusalemite families who are threatened with displacement from their homes.

The delegation started its tour with visiting the protest tent in Silwan area and received a brief from member of the defense committee for Silwan area Fakhri Abu Diyab on Israel’s intention to displace more than 1, 500 Palestinians from their homes in order to establish a biblical garden for Jews.

For his part, De Rossa said that his visit to Silwan district was intended to meet with the Palestinian families who were displaced by Israeli settlers from their homes and listen to their living conditions and the dangers threatening them.

He noted that this tour was part of the visit he paid to Gaza and Nablus city days ago in order to witness the size of the humanitarian suffering there as a result of the Israeli blockade and restrictions on movement.

The European official stressed that the Israeli practices in Jerusalem and Gaza are illegal and must be ended immediately without any conditions.

Wide campaign to brief European officials on reality of Israel’s siege on Gaza.

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