Ministry of agriculture warns of severe shortage in fodder

[ 03/12/2010 – 11:38 AM ]


GAZA, (PIC)– The Palestinian Ministry of Agriculture in Gaza said that livestock  in the Gaza Strip is facing a real threat because of the severe shortage in fodder.

Dr. Zakareyya al-Kafarnah, director of veterinary services in the Ministry of Agriculture, said on Thursday that the shortage in fodder will certainly lead to the death of large numbers of livestock and poultry.

He also emphasised that the Gaza Strip needs 16,000 tones a month of concentrated fodder, pulses and raw material to produce fodder  as fodder is consumption in the Strip is around 4,000 tones a week while the occupation allows the entry of 2,000 tones only.

Kafarnah added that the quantities allowed through Mintar crossing are always reduced and the occupation refuses to open the crossing more than two days a week which is not enough to cover the needs of the Strip in terms of pulses and fodder.

He pointed out that the occupation can increase the days of opening to three days a week, adding that the occupation aims to destroy the already devastated economy of the Gaza Strip.

Ministry of agriculture warns of severe shortage in fodder.

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