34 ships to carry aid to Gaza next April

[ 04/12/2010 – 08:08 AM ]


GAZA, (PIC)– The international campaign for solidarity with the Palestinian people is preparing to send 34 ships loaded with humanitarian relief material to the Gaza Strip by next April, Mariam Zakut, the director general of culture and thought society, said.

She added that the vessels would also carry Arab and foreign solidarity activists from various world continents.

Zakut, who was participating in the international week for solidarity with the Palestinian people in France, said that the fleet targets forcing Israel to recognize the Palestinian people’s rights and end its siege of Gaza.

The human rights activist said that she carried with her documentary films and photos explaining the tragic conditions in the Strip as a result of the Israeli siege for the fourth year running.

Zakut pointed out that she addressed rallies in various French cities organized by civil societies during which boycotting Israeli goods was a prominent goal during her campaign.

34 ships to carry aid to Gaza next April.

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