Hamdan urges Fatah, Abbas to face external pressures obstructing reconciliation

[ 04/12/2010 – 02:12 PM ]


DAMASCUS, (PIC)– Director of Hamas’s international relations Osama Hamdan called on Fatah faction and de facto president Mahmoud Abbas to confront the external pressures that hinder the national reconciliation between Hamas and Fatah.

“Everyone knows that the Movement (Hamas) has made every effort to overcome the obstacles to the Palestinian reconciliation and made a number of initiatives in this regard in the hope of achieving the reconciliation and the reunion on the basis of the liberation project and the right of return,” Hamdan told the Palestinian information center (PIC).

He emphasized that the reconciliation is attainable if there is a will to face the pressures made by the American administration and the Israeli occupation state, and if Abbas and his authority decide to stand courageously in the face of these pressures.

In another context, former Palestinian minister Wasfi Qabha expressed his serious concern for the lives of Palestinian prisoners who went on hunger strike in Jericho prison in protest at the violations committed against them by Fatah interrogators and jailers.

Qabha appealed to the central committee of Fatah faction to urgently intervene to secure the release of all detainees in this jail as part of its moral and national responsibilities.

The former minister also warned of taking any measures or steps that may endanger the lives of hunger strikers in this prison and/or attempting to break their strike by force, affirming that the detainees have the right to confront the injustice inflicted upon them by all means available.

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Hamdan urges Fatah, Abbas to face external pressures obstructing reconciliation.

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