Taha: Abbas is confused

[ 04/12/2010 – 04:52 PM ]


GAZA, (PIC)– Ayman Taha, a Hamas leader, has described Fatah leader and de facto Palestinian president Mahmoud Abbas as confused after his last statement that he was thinking of dissolving the Palestinian Authority.

Taha told the PIC on Saturday night that Hamas had warned of the seriousness of going ahead in the settlement project since its very start. “We did not adopt this position from nowhere but rather from the enemy’s clear stands mainly that it did not want to give anything but only wanted to ensure its security, recognition and normalization with the Arab world”.

He said that Hamas was adamant on its call for withdrawing from the negotiations and on for adopting a unanimous national program that would be based on resistance after the clear failure of the settlement project.

As long as Abbas is acknowledging that there is no real Palestinian authority then why doesn’t he adopt practical steps and boost the internal Palestinian front, stop prosecuting resistance fighters and release all those detained, Taha elaborated.

Abbas had told the Fatah-controlled Palestine TV in Ramallah on Friday that he might dissolve the PA in the event no “peace agreement with Israel” was reached.

He said that if Israel did not freeze settlement activity for three months as proposed by the USA then he would ask Washington and the UN to recognize a Palestinian state and if this was not materialized then he would consider dissolving the PA.

Taha: Abbas is confused.

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