Dweik, Hamas MPs join solidarity sit-in with Jericho detainees on hunger strike

[ 05/12/2010 – 03:11 PM ]


AL-KHALIL, (PIC)– Speaker of the Palestinian legislative council Dr. Aziz Dweik and other Hamas MPs in the West Bank joined the solidarity sit-in organized on Sunday in front of the Red Cross premises in Al-Khalil by relatives of detainees in the PA Jericho jail who went on hunger strike nine days ago.

The deputies affirmed that real danger was threatening the lives of the six detainees who have been held by the Fatah-controlled PA for three years without charge.

They called for an urgent intervention on the part of human rights groups to demand the release of those detainees and save their lives before it was too late.

The lawmakers said that the Ramallah authority should respect the rule of the law and set those detainees free as the higher court of justice had ordered their release almost a year ago.

The relatives handed the Red Cross director in Al-Khalil a message in Arabic and English to send them to the Red Cross top official asking for support.

The message said that those relatives were seriously concerned over the life of their beloved ones who declared they would continue in their hunger strike until they are released or die in the process.

The relatives issued a separate press release on Sunday denouncing the Fatah militias for transferring those detainees to several jails in the West Bank.

They also drew the attention to the condition of one of them Muhanad Nayrukh, who is held in Jenin hospital in a very serious health condition.

Dweik, Hamas MPs join solidarity sit-in with Jericho detainees on hunger strike.

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