PA: Israel Continues to Test Drugs on Palestinian Prisoners

06.12.10 – 15:17
Algiers – PNN – Palestinian Authority (PA) Prisoner Affairs specialist and former prisoner Abdul Nasir Farawneh said from Algeria on Monday that Israel continues to use prisoners to test the effects of different drugs.




“Israel has not stopped for a day,” said Farawneh. “On the contrary, it has increased its crimes and has permitted the Ministry of Health to increase its annual share of medicines by 15%. Steadily, more prisoners are being exposed to these treatments, and this explains the increasing number of sick prisoners in Israeli occupation prisons and the emergence of new, strange diseases.”

Farawneh’s statement comes after the release of a report titled “Palestinian Prisoners and Israeli Medical Experimentation: More than 5000 Experiments Run Annually” and produced by the Algeria Forum.

Farawneh said that the majority of Palestinian detainees faced serious health problems, with about 1500 prisoners in need of emergency treatment and many of them dying from dangerous illnesses. He said that Israeli experimental medicine was permitted by the Israeli Knesset in 1997 and the number of permitted medicines has increased 15% since then.

According to Farawneh, there are about 3000 Palestinian prisoners in the Nafaha, Raymond, and Negev jails—or 45% of the total—who are subjected to group drug testing, and that the prisoners in the Negev desert region are exposed to harmful toxins as a result of the nearby Dimona reactor.

He called upon the World Health Organization to pressure Israel to reverse the policy and get Palestinian prisoners the needed and lawful medicines immediately, and asked freed prisoners like himself to submit to periodic testing to safeguard against the effects of experimental medicine after their release.

The policy is not new, according to the Cairo-based Sawasiya Center for Human Rights, which released a report in 2009 claiming that Israeli prison experimentation was to blame for permanent baldness in several Palestinian prisoners. Al-Farawneh has claimed since 2007 that Israeli prison authorities have treated Palestinians like “guinea pigs.”

PNN – Palestine News Network – PA: Israel Continues to Test Drugs on Palestinian Prisoners.

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