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Every day updating all news, sources and actual information about Gaza – Palestine, check also earlier notes since June 1th, 2010 with all news from worldwide newspapers and sources.

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63 Years of Occupation, massacres and Al Nakba is enough. Share the word, the pictures and the news. Awaken the world in honour of the death of these massacres, may Allah Subhana wa Ta’ala grant the martyrs Jannatul Firdaus and protect our brothers and sisters in Palestine and elsewhere in the world, and all those living in oppression or violence or danger. Allahumma Ameen ya Rabb


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Mondoweiss: Hamas is dedicated to murdering ‘all Jews worldwide,’ says diplomat Oren (after laying wreath on King’s grave)


Defending Palestinian solidarity – Opinion – Al Jazeera English


Israeli-Palestinian talks officially dead: Time to move on to Plan B


Talks on new Israeli freeze reach deadlock


Fresh Arab approach toward Iran, Palestine is needed now


Lieberman associate: Turkey should compensate Israel,7340,L-3995947,00.html


U.S. drops push for Israel settlement freeze


US embassy cables: Israel warns of reprisals against Lebanon in case of rocket attacks


avinunu: UK MP Sandra Osborne describes Palestinian kids shackled and chained in Israeli occupier’s military kangaroo courts


Hamas shuts down Western-funded youth NGO


Netanyahu rejects call not to sell homes to Arabs


Perpetrators of the Mavi Marmara attack should be punished, Gaza blockade should be lifted


Sidetracked in the West Bank


Military presence prolongs state of tension in Silwan


No deal on settlement freeze extension,7340,L-3995909,00.html


Israel Denounces S. American Palestine Recognition


The hatemonger from the Netherlands


Crying out loud – the work of Breaking the Silence


Israel to Turkey: Admit IDF raid on Gaza flotilla had no malicious intent


Escalation of efforts to undermine the solidarity movement


Israel condemns Argentina for recognizing Palestine as an independent state


Mondoweiss: Physicians for Human Rights-Israel: “The Beaten Track – Obstacles Facing Gaza Patients in Need of Medical Care”


PressTV – Aid aircraft to fly to Gaza: Galloway


Moey’s: Day 10: Friends


اتركوا شجرة واحدة لحبل مشنقتكم”


Attending the World: Sharks: No, not lawyers.. Israel’s Mossad!


Palestine Video: Gazan girl in France for prosthetic legs

Sabbah Report: Wikileaks Reprised – A Whiff Of… What?


chroniques de palestine: Building of the Wall in Al Walaja / Construction du Mur a Al Walaja,07.12.2010


Atta Awisat Photography


Free Abdullah Abu Rahmah


EU warns Israel over al-Quds policies


EU: Israel’s Jerusalem policy threatens peace


Lamis Andoni: The PA’s ultimate act of resistance


Army: Gaza militants fire into Israel


Why Argentina’s Palestine Recognition Matters


Turkish victims, hurt by Israel talks, call for trial of soldiers


WikiLeaks cables, day 9: summary of today’s key points


Statistics: Israel razed about 1, 000 Palestinian homes in Jerusalem in 10 years


Israel PM proposes regional firefighting force


Hasbara on full speed  (…there never has been any freeze at all…) but….

Barak: WikiLeaks affair delayed settlement freeze,7340,L-3995677,00.html


B’Tselem: Jerusalemite children tortured by Israeli interrogators « 63 Years Occupation is Enough |.


UN TÉ POR PALESTINA: ¿Es Simon Peres andaluz?


au jour le jour, Gaza: Fair Play envers les Footballeurs


intifada-palestine: ABU MAZEN WAS BLUFFING…AGAIN!



Mothers of Palestine


Palestinian women: UN role must be re-evaluated


Assange op-ed: WikiLeaks ‘fearlessly’ defending the public


US warned Turkey on Iran trade, Gaza-linked group: cable


US warned Turkey on Iran trade, Gaza-linked group: cable


Mondoweiss: From Haaretz story on rabbis forbidding renting 2 Palestinians: “Racism originated in the Torah,” Rabbi Yosef Scheinen


The Israeli Lobby Owns the Congress, Hollywood, and the White House


Daily Roundup: Couple Detained in Hebron, Israeli Troops Issue Stop-Work Orders to Nahalin Residents


Rabbis ban selling homes to Arabs


Mother of hunger striker says her son in very serious health condition


Gulf leaders back PA stand on settlements


Bahar: Shalit remains in captivity until ‘honorable’ deal reached


America’s Latest Bribe to Israel


Arab Investigative Journalism coming of Age


Turkish PM tough on Israel despite bilateral talks


Turkey reiterates demand for apology, compensation from Israel over Gaza flotilla attack


‘Don’t rent to non-Jews,’ Israeli rabbis warn


Hamas: PA forces detain 21 affiliates


Israel Criticized Over Renewed Detention of Palestinian Female Prisoner


Gaza Border Opened for the Weekly Imports and Exports


“Statehood of Palestine unavoidable”


Lieberman: No reason for renewing freeze on settlement building


Abu Sha’ar: Israel is racing against time to Judaize O. Jerusalem


Filasteen: Julian Assange on WikiLeaks




P a l e s t i n e F r e e V o i c e©: The hatemonger from the Netherlands


Middle East Post: Unusual Facts and Figures (Part 1)


Middle East Post: Assange, Wikileaks’ founder arrested in UK


Annie’s letters: The Elders condemn Israeli military efforts to keep prominent Palestinian activist in jail | The Elders


Operation Cast Lead | The Aftermath | Gallery | Album | Photography


Israel says South American ‘Palestine’ nods hurt peace,7340,L-3995615,00.html




Sabbah Report: Why Wikileaks Doesn’t Add Up




Galloway: More aid to be sent to Gaza via land, air, and sea


Hamas will accept referendum on peace accord


‘Palestine eligible for UN membership’


‘PA’s control over Palestine, fiction’


Uruguay to follow the footsteps of Latin neighbors, recognize Palestine


Israeli Forces Arrest Seven Palestinians


‘Israel conducts fatal tests on inmates’


Gaza: Brigades claim clash with Israeli forces overnight


Abbas: Turkey Will Broker More International Recognitions


South American states recognize Palestine in 1967 borders


50 Israeli Rabbis issue ruling forbidding renting of homes to Arabs


Sabbah Report: US mediation monopoly collapsing


Sabbah Report: Dissolving the Union


Sabbah Report: WikiLeaks: What, really, is the problem?




Witnesses say limited Israeli incursion in central Gaza


Officials: Missing Israeli found near Jericho


Single Gaza crossing operates


P.A. Denounces Israel for Testing Different Drugs With Palestinian Prisoners


Palestinian Premier Welcomes Recognition by Argentina of State of Palestine


Argentina to recognize indept Palestine with pre-1967 borders


Facts Missing in Italian Website’s Hit Piece on Gaza Activist Ken O’Keefe


Dubai film festival to help showcase life in Palestine


OIC Launches 14 Projects in Gaza


Mondoweiss: Attention progressives for Palestine: Rep. Alan Grayson wants to hear from you


U.S. Must Condemn Gaza Border Wall as a Human Rights Violation


Israeli Man Missing In Jericho


Israel fears growing Palestine


Israeli Troops Surround Mosque, Question Worshipers


PCHR Condemns Shutdown of Peaceful Assembly and Arrest of 16 Participants by the Palestinian Police


US Mediation Monopoly Collapsing


Hasbara at Work: Oren Promotes Fantasies


What Obama Must Do about Palestine, Israel


From the Pages of Time: Truths about US and Israel


Breakthrough: Fear into Compassion – Book Review


A just peace, not religion is the solution in the Middle East


Argentina: Palestine is free and independent state


did Mahmoud Abbas know in advance about the devastating blitz on his countrymen in Gaza?







Abbas threatens to seek global recognition if Mideast talks fail


US embassy cables: Clinton asks Sudan to block Iranian arms supplies to Hamas


avinunu: Israel speeding up ethnic cleansing of Jordan Valley that has reduced Palestinian pop. by two thirds @TheEconomist


Israeli policies to blame for Gaza health woes, says medic


U.S. used Israel intelligence to stifle arms trade: WikiLeaks


بيقولك كان فيه واحد بتاع مخابرات عايزنا نعمل انقلاب


The Palestine Center: Brazil-Argentina-Uruguay: Axis of Recognition




P a l e s t i n e F r e e V o i c e©: Haifa Fire – Storm – “The Lords Revelation – The Mother of Nature on Judgment Day ”


IOA using prisoners as medical guinea pigs



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