Mother of hunger striker says her son in very serious health condition

[ 07/12/2010 – 01:14 PM ]


AL-KHALIL, (PIC)– The mother of prisoner Majd Obeid, one of the six hunger strikers in West Bank jails, said that the health condition of her son is extremely bad and deteriorating everyday.

The mother told Al-Quds satellite channel on Monday that before his son went on hunger strike, he was very sick and now his health worsened further because of the hunger strike.

“The last time I visited him was before he went on hunger strike, on 26 last month, and I was asking the prison manger to allow me to visit my son, but he always refused,” the mother of Obeid said.

“After he and his friends carried out the hunger strike, they were transferred to different prisons in order to break their will and weaken their just demands represented in implementing the decisions issued by the high court which ordered their release,” She added.

“When we asked about the reason for his continued detention, they said that the release of your son is contingent on the [inter-Palestinian] reconciliation,” the mother noted.

Six Palestinian detainees went on hunger strike 11 days ago in Jericho solitary prison in protest at the serious violations committed by interrogators of the Palestinian authority against them, but later they were transferred to different jails.

For its part, the independent committee for human rights held de facto president Mahmoud Abbas fully responsible for the lives of the six hunger strikers in his jails and demanded him to order their immediate release.

The committee said in a statement that the hunger strikers are those who used to be in the PA intelligence prison in Jericho for more than two years before they were transferred to other jails, and they received release decision issued by the high court of justice, but the PA intelligence still refuses to respect these court rulings.

In a separate incident, the Hamas change and reform parliamentary bloc strongly denounced in a statement issued yesterday the PA for the last raid carried out on Monday by its security militias on the house of MP Husni Al-Bureini and the kidnapping of his son Anas.

Anas was among 21 other citizens kidnapped yesterday by the militias in the cities of Jenin, Nablus, Tulkarem, Al-Khalil and Bethlehem because of their affiliation with Hamas.

Mother of hunger striker says her son in very serious health condition.

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