Palestinian women: UN role must be re-evaluated

[ 07/12/2010 – 01:26 PM ]


GAZA, (PIC)– Palestinian women leaders called for re-evaluating the role of the UN in the Palestine cause and its ability to abide by the essence of its charter that stipulates among other things saving generations from wars and maintain world peace and security.

The women said that the UN is actually unable to live up to its charter and is not able to achieve peace and does not have the power to implement its resolutions, noting that the USA had used its veto rights on 80 occasions more than half of which were against decisions related to the Palestinian question.

The statement addressed to the UN Secretary General was signed by 50 Palestinian civil and human rights societies and was read by Mariam Zakut, the director of the culture and free thought society in Gaza.

She said that the protest note was addressed to the UN via its representatives in Gaza, demanding activating UN resolutions on protecting civilians at times of wars and crises including resolution 1325.

“We also ask for the trial of Israeli war criminals who committed the most brutal massacres against unarmed civilians before the very eyes of the entire world,” Zakut said, adding that even UN headquarters were not spared during the war on Gaza.

Palestinian women: UN role must be re-evaluated.

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