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آخر الأخبار والتحديثات

Every day updating all news, sources and actual information about Gaza – Palestine, check also earlier notes since June 1th, 2010 with all news from worldwide newspapers and sources.


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FB deleted the personal page Umm Hajar Dec 3, 2010


I am writing to express my concern about Facebook disabling the accounst  for no reason. Facebook is supposed to be a social site and it defeats the purpose of the service when the accounts of popular and active users are randomly disabled, thus cutting them off from their network of contacts and destroying irrevocably what they have spent months and/or years building up here: photo albums, notes, groups, personal updates via facebook mobile and all the information of a personal nature stored in the mailbox, etc.

The reason was not stated, Almost 8 months of daily work collecting, sharing over 5000 pictures, over 25.000 already by media published newsarticles from sources all over the World is apparently not allowed. Lost contacts with 5000 friends, groups, pages which i all want to thank a lot for their support the last year. But news keeps coming, i regret  a lot i lost all personal notes and contacts or email, months of harsh daily work to produce overviews and even Ecards I received for Holidays/Eid, photography, (personal) notes from others as well as myself.


I would like to request your help to share and invite your friends again and help me to continue my protest:


63 Years of Occupation, massacres and Al Nakba is enough. Share the word, the pictures and the news. Awaken the world in honour of the death of these massacres, may Allah Subhana wa Ta’ala grant the martyrs Jannatul Firdaus and protect our brothers and sisters in Palestine and elsewhere in the world, and all those living in oppression or violence or danger. Allahumma Ameen ya Rabb




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I am in the process uploading there all lost notes. Because of the sudden delete of my page, the links in the notes and overview probably not all will work but I am trying my best to update all as soon as possible. JazzakAllahu khairan / Thank you.

No blockade able to prevent you from supporting Palestine!

NO BLOCKADE can prevent donating by wiring money to islamic relief for support of the Palestinians inside there. Please consider giving your Zakaat to Islamic Relief Palestine. Please consider donating them, they are doing very good job in Palestine Donate online:





Checkpoints in West-Bank Palestine


Sabbah Report: Is Julian Assange Europe’s Nelson Mandela?


Sabbah Report: Honorable Veterans: America Needs You One More Time – Free America from Israel’s Power


Mounadil al Djazaïri: Mais qu’est-ce qu’elle dit, éduquer à l’holocauste c’est raciste? L’est folle? Antisémite? Quoi, Juive!


I speak of Palestine…


Fatah: “Great Intifadeh” is Legitimate Right of Palestinians


Daily Roundup: Three Gaza Workers Wounded by Artillery Shrapnel, Minister Kicked Out of Jerusalem


A Disgrace: British Ministers Who Legislate for War Criminals to Walk Free in London


Abbas: 6 options if talks fail


The recognition of Palestine


Settlement waste water floods high school


University of Massachusetts, Amherst — IDF soldier protest — December 2nd, 2010


Sustainable tourism or sustaining Israel’s occupation?


Palestine – A distant dream or near reality?


Whereabouts of Palestinian Refugees


UAE pledges $1 mn for Palestine refugees


Israel’s referendum law: Who gets asked?


Prisoners continue hunger strike


Mideast peace efforts in ‘crisis’ as US freeze bid fails


France “Will Recognize” Palestine Along 1967 Borders


Why Israel imposes Sharia law


Barghouthi: Washington announced the death of the peace process


Jerusalem legislator to be deported to the West Bank


The Electronic Intifada Campaign: Help keep our reporting strong in 2011


Settler visit closes Salit village overnight


Hamas: We are always ready for the Palestinian reconciliation


Baby Martyr






Ramallah Online: Leaks Suggest Iran Is Now Winning in the Middle East


Israeli army demolishes 12 West Bank homes, strikes on Gaza


avinunu: Look what he’s reduced to: Quartet Rep T Blair welcomes #Israel announcemt to allow exports from Gaza as “important step”


Israeli conference promotes Jordan as an alternative homeland for Palestinians


Gaza-Bound Asian Aid Caravan Arrives in Iran


Palestinians question US ability to forge peace


Three Injured in Israeli Shelling on Gaza


Israel Increases Permitted Gaza Exports


Israeli Army Razes West Bank Village – International Middle East Media Center


Court banishes Hamas MP from Jerusalem


Israeli Troops Destroy Palestinian Village; Minister Vows to “Rebuild Everything”


Israeli forces demolish school near Nablus


UN concerned over closure of Gaza NGO


Mavi Marmara Returns to Istanbul Ahead of Leading New Gaza Flotilla


He reveals truth about Zionists


Real Torah Jews Against Zionism


Jerusalem Forum


Crimes against Islam


Crimes against Christianity


LAHORE KIDS welcome asian convoy


asia to gaza convoy road .mpg


avinunu: Map of West Bank shows how Israeli colonization made Palestinian state impossible (scroll down) (via @bbckimghattas)


Checkpoints in the West Bank


Map of ethnically cleansed, destroyed and excisting Arab Villages in Israel & Palestine « 63 Years O


IOA deports MP Abu Tir to the West Bank


Abbas says peace talks with Israel in crisis‎


EU regrets Israeli refusal to freeze settlements


Israeli police detain Palestinian fleeing checkpoint


OCHA: Israel razed 12 homes in O. Jerusalem during one week


Medics: 3 injured by Israeli shelling in Gaza


Russel Tribunal on Gaza Palestine War crimes


Jerusalem Legislator To Be Deported To The West Bank


Israeli army bulldozes West Bank village


EU parliament delegation expresses shock over conditions in Gaza


Supplement to Haaretz expose on High-Velocity Tear Gas Projectiles


Israeli Airstrike Hits Gaza


US Abandons Demand for Israel Settlements Freeze


3 Bethlehem homes threatened with demolition


Palestinian official: Israel has chosen to reject peace


Gulf Leaders Support P.A. Position On Settlements


France ‘will recognize’ Palestinian state


Soldiers Demolish School, Hothouses, Near Nablus


Palestine: Israeli troops detain a couple in Hebron


PLO: US failed, we’ll turn to UN,7340,L-3996057,00.html


Hamas: PA detains 7 party members


1 injured in overnight airstrike on southern Gaza


OIC welcomes idea of recognition of independent Palestine


Aid aircraft to fly to Gaza: Galloway


P a l e s t i n e F r e e V o i c e©: Gloomy Days in Gaza – But we Hope for the Good Things to Happen


Window Into Palestine: From the Pages of Time: Truths about US and Israel


Maan News Agency: 1 injured in overnight airstrike on southern Gaza


Why boycott McDonalds?


Israel recruits citizen advocates in Europe | World news | The Guardian


Israeli army erects mobile military checkpoint in Qalqiliya


Maan News Agency: 1 injured in overnight airstrike on southern Gaza


A gesture of solidarity with people of Palestine


Abbas Receives Letter on Peace Talks


Israel can now keep building Jim Crow colonies, besieging Gaza, cashing US taxpayer checks, and face no consequences from President Cave-In.


Report: “Three Killed, 35 Wounded, By Army Fire In November”



Calls for Adidas to Withdraw Sponsorship of Jerusalem Marathon


Erdogan: Israeli siege on Gaza must end


Palestine issue still low on ASEAN agenda


I Wish – A Poem


PressTV – Israel launches airstrikes on Gaza


Oglo warns of true dangers threaten the existence of the Aqsa Mosque


Israel First: Discrediting Rule of Law in Britain


US to Israel: OK to continue building settlements


The Palestinian People Have Rights too


US Middle East peace plan flounders


Mavi Marmara Will Head for Gaza


Palestinians celebrate International Day of Persons with Disabilities


Beit Ommar returns to its roots


BREAKING: US continues push to subsidize Israeli settlements, occupation, human rights abuses with unconditional aid


Calling All Activists – Join Us on the Ground in Palestine!

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