Oglo warns of true dangers threaten the existence of the Aqsa Mosque

[ 07/12/2010 – 11:46 PM ]

Marwani Mosque Building (Part of the Aqsa Mosque)

JEDDAH, (PIC)– Ekmal El-Dien  Ehsan Oglo, the secretary-general of the Organization of the Islamic Conference (OIC), has warned Tuesday of true dangers engulfing the Aqsa Mosque and threatening its existence, holding the Israeli occupation solely responsible for any harm that occurs to the Mosque.

Oglo was reacting to persistent reports from the occupied city of Jerusalem talking about possible collapse of the Marwani Mosque inside AL-Haram Al-Sharief due to the continuous Israeli excavation under it, holding the Israeli occupation authorities responsible for the adverse repercussions in the event something happens to the Muslims’ first Qibla.

He also urged Arab and Muslim leaders to take the matter seriously and to move to stop the Israeli schemes against the holy shrines that he considered as a “redline” that no Muslim would afford to watch it harmed.

He also called on the UNESCO to move against the Israeli policies against the Mosque, and to implement international laws and decisions regarding the occupied Palestinian city, warning that leaving the Israeli policies against the Mosque continue could destabilize international peace and order.

Meanwhile, Oglo welcomed the decision of Brazil, Argentine, and Paraguay to recognize an independent and free Palestinian state on the borders of 1967 with east  Jerusalem as a capital, describing the step as “important development” in the international support to the inalienable Palestinian rights, expressing hope that more countries would follow the footsteps of those three Latin American countries.

Oglo warns of true dangers threaten the existence of the Aqsa Mosque.

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