Al-Asha’l: Oslo’s PA only serves occupation

[ 10/12/2010 – 05:11 PM ]


CAIRO, (PIC)– Dr. Abdullah Al-Asha’l, professor of international law at the American University in Cairo said that the dissolution of the Palestinian Authority (PA) should become a Palestinian national demand, so that the confrontation can return to its natural state between the Palestinian people and the Israeli occupation, stressing that the PA’s continuation to negotiate or to merely exist is a Zionist requirement par excellence.

The former Egyptian diplomat, in a press statement on Thursday, said that he looked into the demand of dissolving the PA and found that such a step would only harm the occupation as it would deprive it of a legal cover called “Oslo” [accords].

He added that the Israeli occupation only needs the PA to give it a formal cover and help it on the security front, in addition to the fact that the Zionist entity uses the PA as a negotiating partner to evade its responsibilities as an occupying power.

Asha’l further said that as Hamas in Gaza is not tied to Oslo and it a resistance movement defending Gaza, if a resistance movement grows in the West Bank and worked together with the resistance in Gaza then the equation would change.

This scenario, he added, is not in Abbas’s interest, but the presence of Abbas and the PA only benefit the occupation which means that dissolving the PA is the best choice for the Palestinian people.

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Al-Asha’l: Oslo’s PA only serves occupation.

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