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آخر الأخبار والتحديثات

Every day updating all news, sources and actual information about Gaza – Palestine, check also earlier notes since June 1th, 2010 with all news from worldwide newspapers and sources.

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FB deleted the personal page Umm Hajar Dec 3, 2010


I am writing to express my concern about Facebook disabling the accounst  for no reason. Facebook is supposed to be a social site and it defeats the purpose of the service when the accounts of popular and active users are randomly disabled, thus cutting them off from their network of contacts and destroying irrevocably what they have spent months and/or years building up here: photo albums, notes, groups, personal updates via facebook mobile and all the information of a personal nature stored in the mailbox, etc.

The reason was not stated, Almost 8 months of daily work collecting, sharing over 5000 pictures, over 25.000 already by media published newsarticles from sources all over the World is apparently not allowed. Lost contacts with 5000 friends, groups, pages which i all want to thank a lot for their support the last year. But news keeps coming, i regret  a lot i lost all personal notes and contacts or email, months of harsh daily work to produce overviews and even Ecards I received for Holidays/Eid, photography, (personal) notes from others as well as myself.


I would like to request your help to share and invite your friends again and help me to continue my protest:


63 Years of Occupation, massacres and Al Nakba is enough. Share the word, the pictures and the news. Awaken the world in honour of the death of these massacres, may Allah Subhana wa Ta’ala grant the martyrs Jannatul Firdaus and protect our brothers and sisters in Palestine and elsewhere in the world, and all those living in oppression or violence or danger. Allahumma Ameen ya Rabb

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The returning issue of Palestine’s refugees


Religious Affairs minister calls for national unity


IDF arrests Hamas MP at Gaza checkpoint,7340,L-3997313,00.html


Widespread condemnation for Zionist decision to deport MP Abu Tair


Abu Marzook: The PA is an Israeli interest


Specialists: The siege on Gaza imposes harsh psychological effect on people


Split EU narrows Mideast plea to call for ‘urgent progress’


Lawyer: Settlers planning to seize Jerusalem home


IOF troops use highly destructive bombs against civilians in Gaza Strip


Anti-wall rallies mark intifada anniversary


Al-Asha’l: Oslo’s PA only serves occupation


Images from Tel Aviv’s 2010 Human Rights March


Coming to America: Gaza boys take trip of a lifetime


Palestinian American hip-hop artist asks you to “Consider Violence”


Ni’lin Struggle 10-12-2010 by Ahmad Mesleh


Time for the Palestinians to make their own history – Blog Post


EU to demand ‘urgent progress’ in Mideast


Free Abdullah Abu Rahmah





Islamic Jihad: The PA’s alternatives do not constitute a solution for the Palestinians


Two year old child among those injured during the weekly anti wall protests in W.B. villages


Arab authorities urge rabbis to be prosecuted for inciting racism against Palestinians


Assange, Aziz, a Death Sentence, and the United Nations Day of International Human Rights


Assange accuser ‘postponed’ Palestine trip


Stating the Obvious: WikiLeaks Indicts and Vindicates U.S. Diplomats


Maan News Agency: Officials: No change to prisoner swap list


Israel Expects Next ‘Big’ War on Gaza


Zahhar:Palestinians Would Continue Resistance Until Terminating Occupation


At UN, Israel’s Reuben Trashes Ging on Gaza, Questions Erdogan Connections, Flotilla Report Delayed


Israeli occupation releases prisoner four months after end of his sentence


Over 10,000 march for human rights in Tel Aviv


P.A. Arrest 28 Hamas Supporters in the Last 24 Hours


Egypt closes Rafah border crossing Friday and Saturday


UN holds Israel responsible for the political impasse


Randa Farah: Uneasy but necessary – the UNRWA-Palestinian relationship


Two Palestinians wounded by IOF bullets in northern Gaza


Ex-EU Leaders Urge Action Against Israel Over Settlement Activities


Israeli air strike aftermath on Gaza Strip


2 Palestinians killed in Gaza blast,7340,L-3997211,00.html


Police: Israeli army detains 5 in Dura


Annie’s letters: ISRAEL: Rabbinical ruling sparks controversy, racism charges


Annie’s letters: It’s 62 years since the UN passed a resolution on the rights of Palestinian refugees – rights Israel must recognise for peace




Palestine Think Tank: Tariq Shadid – ‘Peace of the Slave’: a dead end street on a journey to independence


Ken O’Keefe’s photos aboard the MV Strofades IV


Asia’s FIRST Humanitarian Aid Convoy To PALESTINE Arrived in Iran (Kerman)


Tariq Shadid – ‘Peace of the Slave’: a dead end street on a journey to independence


Ramallah Online: What Is The Peres Center Up To?


Barak in Washington Calls for UN Chapter 7 Resolution, Could Authorize Force Against Iran


Witnesses: Israeli troops raid Kifl Hares, detain 1


Gaza crossings closed for weekend


Sheikh Raed Salah to be released Sunday


Israeli Forces Kidnap 5 Palestinians Near Hebron, 2 in Jenin


The returning issue of Palestine’s refugees


Two Children Killed In Gaza, Several Palestinians Wounded In israeli Attacks


Israeli troops injure two Palestinians


The Scent of  Palestine History by Ahmad Mesleh


Ramallah Online: WikiLeaks Indicts and Vindicates U.S. Diplomats


when beeing ANTI means being FOR human rights, coexistence and peace: Israel’s unwanted citizens (the israhell stat doctrine of ethnic cleaning)


Eye on Palestine


Where Exactly can we Live?


DISGRACE: Israel: 25 percent below poverty line — more than 1/3 of children hungry. UP from the past year.


These boats were nowhere NEAR an Israeli blockade, (which is illegal in any c… (YouTube


Medics: Teen killed by Israeli shelling in Gaza (updated)


Three Palestinians Wounded By Army Fire In Gaza


Stop the Wall recognised for defence of human rights in Palestine


Gaza solidarity convoy in SE Iran


Israel censured over settlements


Turkish FM: more recognitions of Palestine to ensure peace


Medics: Teen killed by Israeli shelling in Gaza


P a l e s t i n e F r e e V o i c e©: “As the Arabs see the Jews” – Author King Abdullah 1 of Jordan


Palestine Video: Interview – UN Special Rapporteur Richard Falk with Carl Arrindell


Palestine Video: Palestinian cultural heritage expo underway in Gaza


Former EU leaders: Sanction Israel over settlements


Julian Assange in the Honey Trap


Petition to Call “Racist” Rabbis to Account Falls on Deaf Ears


Yasser Rafat فضل شاكر 2010 مهما صار – ياسر عرفات حصري


Istanbul jolted by bombings


Rivlin: It is about time for Shalit’s release


Carmel Fire Scapegoats

Part 1

Part 2


Pure Incitement. Ynet oped ignores wave of real settler arson in West Bank, claims Arabs trying to set Israel on fire


Turkey and Israel continuing talks on Gaza boat deal


Gloomy Days in Gaza – But we Hope for the Good Things to Happen


Hamas: Resistance will free Palestine


Envoy says US won’t give up bid for Mideast peace


The Israeli Culture Of Drinking Urine


More Latino countries may recognize ‘Palestine’


Zahar urges Fatah to abandon futile peace process


Palestinian prisoner on hunger strike


Israel censured over settlements


New Poll Underlines Gloom Shrouding ‘Peace Process’


Israel: Next Gaza war will be extensive


Children of Palestine


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