Islamic Jihad: The PA’s alternatives do not constitute a solution for the Palestinians

[ 10/12/2010 – 03:25 PM ]


GAZA, (PIC)– The Islamic Jihad movement said that the PA’s declared alternatives to the stalled negotiations do not constitute a solution to the Palestinian problem, stressing that the only real alternative is resistance to face the occupation and the aggression.

In a statement on Thursday, the Islamic Jihad said: “What is being talked about in terms of political and diplomatic alternatives to the present negotiations, does not in any way constitute a solution, rather it deepens the crisis and allows for a new cycle of deception and a new cover for the occupation to continue with its projects and schemes.”

The movement further called on the PA to admit their mistakes, dissolve the PA and return to the option of unity, steadfastness and resistance.

The Islamic Jihad further said that the so called peace talks have proved their futility  and “it was proven beyond any doubt that our enemy uses them as a cover to carry on with its projects and plans to usurp and Judaize the land. Thus we warn of any new attempt to renew negotiations under any excuses. Negotiations are not legitimate and those who participate in them have no legitimacy either.”

The movement also said that resistance is the choice of the Palestinian people and it is the only way to confront the occupation’s policies, aggression and settlement and a way to defend the holy places and restore usurped rights.

Islamic Jihad: The PA’s alternatives do not constitute a solution for the Palest.

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