The Israeli Culture Of Drinking Urine

By Kawther Salam • Dec 9th, 2010 at 23:22 • Category: Children’s Corner

IDF Urine

Issa Qaraqe’e, the Palestinian Minister of Detainee Affairs, revealed that Israeli soldiers urinated on two Palestinian minors who they had kidnapped, then jailed, forced to drink urine from a toilet, tortured and filmed while they were completely naked.

Minister Qaraq’e said that lawyer Hibah Masalhah visited the kids Mohammed Tariq Abed El-Latif Mekhemar, 13 years old, and Mohammad Naser Ali Ridwan, 13 years old, at the Rimonim prison. After her visit she stated that the Israeli occupation soldiers had forced both kids, Mekhemar and Radwan, residents of Beit Ur in the district of Ramallah, to drink the urine from the toilet. The soldiers then urinated on their faces while laughing and mocking them, another soldier shot pictures of the kids while they were naked.

Attorney Masalhah who met the kids in the Rimonim prison added that the children were arrested by the “Israeli border police” (an IDF unit of criminals and drugs dealers who are mostly Druze) near the apartheid wall in the village of Beit Ur (where they live) on Route No. 443, in July 2010. The IDF soldiers beat the children harshly, using guns and kicking them with their military boots on all over their bodies, then covered their eyes, tied them up and transferred them to a jewish colony near the village of Beit Ur. Masalhah said that the IDF soldiers took the children to a toilet and placed them naked in one room and put the air conditioner on cold.



The children told their lawyer Masalhah that the IDF soldier did not give them water and food, and when they asked for water, the IDF urinated over their faces and ordered them to open their mouths to drink. They then forced them to drink the water in the toilet seat and took some pictures.

The children spent two days naked in the toilet room at the squatter colony without food and water and they forced repeatedly to drink urine during their staying. They were forbidden from sleeping or putting their clothes on.

On the third day, the kids were transferred from the toilet at the “Benjamina” colony (Beit Il military base) where they were interrogated from 10 at night until 3 in the morning and after that they were transferred to the Ofer military jail, where they spent three months before being transferred to the Rimonim jail.

The lawyer stated that the children are suffering deep psychological stress due drinking the urine of the IDF and being filmed naked while the soldier were urinating over their faces and bodies.

It should be noted that many stories have been released in the past about IDF soldiers forcing Palestinian youths to drink their urine. In Hebron, the IDF soldiers stationed on Palestinian rooftops were urinating and dropping their feces in water tanks. Several families were infected with typhoid as a result; I know personally from the Jaber and Abu Monshar families which were infected with typhoid after drinking water contaminated with IDF feces and urine, and many more cases were related to me.

Click here to read more about the Israeli Culture Of Drinking Urine, click here to see video clip about Israeli culture of drinking urine.



This disgusting story is not an isolated incident. 15 years ago, 10 years ago, 8 years ago I reported about such incidents in Hebron. I was told in Hebron stories where soldiers would take the sandwiches from children going to school or from workers and return them with after having shat into them. Others have reported about similar stories from all over Palestine. When they israel destroyed Jenin in 2002, the soldiers defecated and urinated into photocopiers, printers, computers, such behavior is also known from house invasions and the destruction of public and private premises throughout Palestine. Most of the squatter colonies release their untreated waste water onto Palestinian fields and villages what has as a result that the groundwater is contaminated in most of the West Bank. These disgusting stories repeat so often that it becomes obvious that drinking urine and eating feces is an important part of jewish culture. Where did these israeli soldiers, who are all boys and girls from jewish families, learn to defecate into water tanks, into office equipment, on food, learn this, if not at home, where the culture is jewish? Why would all the squatter colonies let their waste water run untreated onto Palestinian villages and fields if it was not their culture to swim in fecal matter?

Israel espouses jewish customs and heritage, and obviously all these European jews want to teach us their culture, their custom of swimming in fecal matter, of eating feces and drinking urine. I can only say that all Palestinians find this jewish culture and heritage plain disgusting. It would be better if they kept their sickening culture to themselves and their shit-eating friends in the USA and elsewhere, for example by serving feces and urine at the receptions of their “embassies”.

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